Why choose to be a Sugar Daddy ?

sugar dating - adult arrangements

Most older men would be too shy to approach a beautiful young woman.

Here on our sugar daddy website, the babes will let you know they are attracted to you.

  • You save the time and effort and sometimes embarrassment that is put into dates that go no where.
  • Once a sugar daddy has connected with a sugar babe you have a fantastically high margin for success.
  • Can choose a relationship based to your criteria from casual meets to the pursuit of longer term relationships.
  • You get to date abiding by a different set of rules, you do not even have to give out your phone number if your privacy is important to you.
  • Just special times that you control.
  • Be it meeting once a week to more frequently.
  • Enjoy being able to have the wants and means to support and help a younger person develop into fulfilling here potential.

Put excitement back into your life.

Lets hear from people already in the sugar bowl

Sugar Daddy Paul.

When you mention you are a Sugar Daddy you can see a pre judgment appear on peoples faces.

I have watched sugar dating change over the years from being very close to coming out of the shadows and being understood and accepted to now where I feel it is pulling the sheets back over itself.

This is dating for today and people need to accept it and realise people become sugar daddies or sugar babes because they want to and they enjoy it.

The stigma seems to be in that it is simply up front.

People try to pussy foot around, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with two adults with the same wishes to not be able to compliment each others lifestyle.

Why shouldn’t a wealthy man want to spend or give money to beautiful women to make her smile or her life easier?

Why shouldn’t a beautiful woman want the best from life?

To feel like she is special and shown that.

People do it everyday in other forms of relationships Yet because sugar dating gets straight to this point it is largely misunderstood and chastised.

The misconceptions and stereotypes abound.

My reason for joining

Was I cheating on my wife ( no never married )

Am I a sad old man incapable of not finding an attractive woman other than by becoming a sugar daddy , I think not.

Practically everybody has looked at or used a dating site

Tinder, Bumble the list goes on.

My situation was I had a serious accident that left me unable to walk for six months and then years where I had to use crutches.

Going out to try to meet people was near impossible.

I looked at online dating as a way to by pass the need to walk into a bar or club.

I found most sites a complete waste of time.

Lots of Scams, catfish people gathering your details for marketing.

It became the contrary of what I signed on for

Rather than making me feel better these sites actually demoralised me.

I found sugar Dating by chance.

What impressed me was that due to the nature of sugaring the people and profiles where mostly genuine.

You might not connect on each other’s expectations but these where real people.

My intention was to use sugar dating as a means to hopefully find a life partner.

See another misconception shattered of these sites all being of shallow connections.

I knew I had the financial security to look after somebody, I had been successful I saw no harm in sharing that success with someone.

Sugar babes are for the majority looking to meet a man that can share his success with them so it seemed ideal.

Of course not many young women are looking for a life partner on sugar sites but some are and I have met some amazing ladies on my quest.

Its been a wonderful exciting way of searching.

I am still waiting for the one so to speak. But in the mean time I am enjoying the connections I meet and having lots of fun. 

Sugar Babe Ellen.

I was introduced to sugar dating by a girlfriend of mine.

I had been telling her of how I was unhappy with the guys I had been dating coupled with working two jobs to pay my tuition and rent.

When she explained it all to me it seemed too perfect, but I thought what’s to loose.

I had fun filling out my profile and I posted a picture that did not show my face as at this stage although I was excited I was a little skeptical of how I might be viewed by anyone that knew me.

I must admit I felt al little embarrassed.

What I loved though was straight that I was in complete control.

I dictated whom I replied to or whom I messaged. I was able to look for someone that I was not only attracted to but could help with my financial situation.

A great surprise to me was that from the response to my profile I could tell it was the complete opposite of what I had expected.

The babes where the ones that had the upper hand here.

They where the prize all of these guys wanted and I could be very choosey.

And I was.

After a week or so of responding to the likes that came in that took my interest I found it easy to discern between a guy worth my time and a guy that wasn’t.

If I can offer any advice its have some pre prepared questions to ask and be frank and to the point. If I wasn’t I found some guys would try to take advantage of this lack of being specific in what I wanted.

My first date was fantastic I was taken to a beautiful restaurant and treated in a manor I had never been before with the guys my own age that had taken me out.

This was not your local Thai and what do you know I wasn’t asked to split the bill.

Although the guy was attractive and we had a nice evening I didn’t feel the chemistry was there.

So unlike waiting weeks for someone else to cross my path I simply went to my in box saw who had favourited me and picked out another guy that ticked all my requirements.

I guess reading this it sounds a little cold and mercenary but I realized it was no different to dating so called normally.

The only difference was I knew a little of the person before hand and I also knew they where financially secure and wanted to use that position to be able to help me.

The second sugar daddy I met I saw for close to a year.

I was able to give up working two jobs and focus on my studies, we took weekends away, dinned out most weeks and he was also able to give me advice on life itself. I didn’t want to use the word mentorship as I find it is used far too generically on these sites.

We had a great connection and a genuine fondness and chemistry I looked forward to our dates as I know he did.

His situation changed after around 11 months as his work dictated.

I was sad to say goodbye although we still stay in contact.

From staying in touch I know he now has another sugar babe in his new country of work.

Am I jealous not at all.

Sugar dating isn’t about control , jealousy. If you find that get out.

I am in another long term relationship with a sugar daddy the connection again is great.

We respect the fact each of us has a life outside of dating,

That respect means we contact each other once a week to arrange our date.

There is none of the full time commitment issues I found hard to deal with

And concentrate on my studies when I was dating outside of being a sugar Babe.

When I started as a sugar babe it was for financial help.

I felt I was drowning in debt and the worry was making me sick.

I joined a sugar daddy site I am not ashamed to admit to help ease my finances.

I took the offer of writing this article because I wanted to let others know that this is an amazing way of dating.

It can be as loose or as meaningful as you both want.

Its not blind dating you pick a person that you are fully attracted to and know they are capable of treating you like a lady.

The relationships are based on having fun when you meet and both being left to carry on your life’s outside of those times.

I personally was just looking for something casual and fun.

You get to decide where you want to take it.

I found that to be exciting.

I wanted an attractive man that could show me a better way of life than the one I was living.

My sugar daddy wanted an attractive , intelligent woman that he could socialise with and help her live that lifestyle.

And with sugar dating we actually both knew this before we met.

All we had to do was meet and make sure the chemistry was there.

No other form of dating can do that.

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