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10 Sugar Dating FAQs

March 10, 2019
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PC free, the questions you want to know but nobody asks with no BS

1.  Is being a Sugar babe prostitution?

No! Why? Well at no point is it an obligation to receive money, have sex or do anything.
Members choose each other based on an initial attraction and the understanding of a mutually beneficial arrangement. The arrangements are varied. Not just monetaristic. But of course, were being honest here, nearly all arrangements in some form do involve money. I’ve mentioned this point on my blogs Nature has always had sugar daddies It’s quite natural. Check out the Bower Bird. What is wrong with a person looking for the best provider? If a girl asks her boyfriend for half the rent is, she being a prostitute? If a guy buys you a drink in a bar and you go back with him that night doe that make you a prostitute?

Of course, not. The only way I can see the concept of Sugar dating being morally wrong is if there is no attraction. If you genuinely like somebody and they can help you financially then where you take it is your choice. There are no obligations of any kind to being a sugar Babe. Where you take any relationship is where you choose to.

2.  Is sex expected

Honestly? Yes. Most men will join with the concept of meeting a Sugar babe establishing a connection and then for the time you are together acting in all the ways that a couple act. So yes, generally sex is not so much expected but a natural progression between two people that are attracted to each other. I go back though to reiterate that the beauty of sugar dating is being with a person that you are attracted to. A person you would probably date if you hadn’t met through a Sugar site but has the means to financially help you. If you have no attraction then it’s not sugar dating. And at no point is it an obligation to have sex with anyone.

Sugar dating is the same as organic dating just with all the benefits. So, I say again, its fating on your terms. If you want to be intimate with someone it’s your choice just as its your choice not to be. But as sugar dating follows traditional type dating it is expected to follow the same paths.

3. Should I tell friends, family I’m a sugar babe?

Well, that question depends on how you perceive being a Sugar Babe. I refer to the two previous questions. There is an unwarranted stigma in this form of dating. That I find unwarranted. This is a fun and liberated form of dating and should be out into the open where it belongs. The unliberated, the people that don’t have the strength to dictate life on their terms attach their own stigma of gold digger or Escorting. If you are confident in yourself and proud in the fact that you decide to take control of your life then it is the people casting stones that should be ashamed. Sugar dating is as old a concept as cognitive thought. It has been with every sentient being since life began. A female lion chooses the strongest partner. All animals do. What is wrong with you picking a person of intellect and wealth? Where is the shame in that? The discomfort lies with the people too afraid to be as you.

4.  How do I broach the subject of an allowance?

When we are fully live become a member of Adult Arrangements. We are the only Sugar dating Platform that solves this Elephant in the room question for you. By using our uniquely designed home page you can list not only what allowance you are looking for but the frequency you would like to meet and for how long. No embarrassment, No misinterpretation. Until that time, while using the other sites currently available then the matter of the allowance you want should be discussed as soon as possible and pre any meeting. If you do not do this you could find that your time is being unrewarded. The longer it goes unaddressed the more difficult it is to broach the subject. As well as this the strong position you have for asking for what you want is dissolved once you start to see a person. Be decisive and direct at the very beginning.

5. Why can’t I find a Sugar Daddy?

The ratio of Sugar Babes to Sugar Daddies, good Sugar Daddies is very high. To attract the Sugar Daddy, you want and deserve you need to stand out from the crowd. It’s no good having a wonderful personality if you will be rejected from your profile or picture. Your picture does not have to show your face if you are uncomfortable doing so but you stand a much higher chance of being noticed if you do. In both your picture and your profile there is a fine line between being sexy and slutty. Both will get you noticed The question to ask yourself is what type of Sugar Daddy do you want? Your not after quantity in your reply’s here your looking for quality. I go into setting up your profile in some detail on the blogs linked to the bottom of this home page.

6. How do I receive my allowance?

There are varying ways to receive your allowance. Do not just let your sugar Daddy dictate this very important aspect of why you became a Sugar Babe. Remember it’s about mutually beneficial relationships.Sugar dating is ever only successful when both parties attain what they want and how they want.Discuss the subject early on so as it can be put to bed so to speak. Discussions about money can ruin the atmosphere between sugar daters. The way you receive any gifts is for you both to decide. Cash, direct debit, rent paid, there are endless options. One important point of note that is often overlooked is that anything you receive is tax-exempt as it is a gift. So, no need to worry if the direct debit option is what you both choose.

7. Must I be Monogamous?

I could start with the same opening line to most questions in regards to sugar dating. There are no set rules however some Simple rules make this work. One is that everything is to be mutually agreed. That is that everyone is happy and comfortable. If you have one Sugar Daddy that facilitates all your wants and needs then Monogamy is the right choice. I would how ever not advise agreeing to be monogamous if your sugar Daddy does not provide adequately for you. In doing so you are depriving yourself of the ability to improve your income or situation. Never agree to anything you cannot commit to or are unhappy with. Back to the anthem Mutually beneficial relationship. It’s not personally beneficial relationship for one person. It cannot work any other way and be called Sugar dating Remember that.

8. What Allowance shall I ask for?

Again, no set rules so no set amount. If you’re looking for a benchmark here. Generally, pay per meet would be $500 Average and I would say minimum monthly allowance $2000 You could receive $2000 for a random type weekend. It all depends on the frequency of your meets, and the expectations. As I mentioned expectations And let’s not be delusional as this blog is pointless without honesty. A sugar Daddy is not going to offer $2000 to sit and play monopoly with you. You can also spot Scammers at this stage. They generally have a give as they say in poker. They overcook the cake so to speak. If a guy is offering $5000 a month and an apartment but you haven’t even met one another then it’s a little OTT. If it sounds too good to be true it generally is.

9. What’s the best Sugar Dating site to choose?

If you want volume well seeking Arrangements has it as its long standing. But with that in my opinion comes complacency and a disregard for its members and standing up for them as a voice. For a site that has been thought of for you as it was designed by a person like you then look no further than

Adult Arrangements

The CEO is a sugar daddy himself. A self-made millionaire that started the site, not for financial gain but so that other sugar daters did not have to go through the quagmire of disappointments and scammers that he endured when first becoming a Sugar Daddy. His story is worth reading. The site was created as he knew Sugar Dating was an amazing platform but from when he first joined as a sugar daddy, he witnessed the constant demise of Sugar dating platforms, what they offered and their affinity to self-loathing.

The main sites seemed to have an attitude of not being true to what sugar dating is. They seem terrified of being shut down through association. So they squirm at the term pay per meet. When what type of meeting is it if I’m in a new city on business for one evening and want to take a sugar Babe out to dinner? The concept of Sugar dating is simple. Other sites try to pretend it’s not about sex or money It is but in a much kinder term than how that read. It’s about sex and money sure. But also, it’s about mutual respect, mutual attraction, and letting adults choose how they want to date.