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A Sugar Daddy’s Take

August 6, 2019
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Meet Sean. He’s a self-proclaimed “sugar daddy”.

A “sugar daddy”, according to one search, is defined as a term to describe an older, typically wealthy man statically aged between 35 and 60 who enters into a romantic, and often sexual relationship with a younger person, typically a woman, who in exchange receives gifts, money, or other financial benefits.

Is that really what a sugar daddy is all about?       

We set out to confirm or dispel popular beliefs by interviewing Sean.

A sugar daddy for five years and who has no problem with being upfront about the kind of dating he does. We wanted to find out from him what the world of sugaring was all about – for real.

Why did you become a sugar daddy?

“Well, contrary to popular belief,” Sean begins, “I am not married or in any relationships outside of sugaring.”
“And I’ll let you be the judge – but I consider myself to not be too hard on the eye.”
“I stumbled, or rather, fell, into the world of sugar dating. I had a serious accident that left me unable to walk for six months.”

“Going out to try to meet people was near impossible. I looked at online dating to bypass the need to walk into a bar or club, but I found most sites a complete waste of time”.

“There were a lot of scams, people trying to catfish you, losers trying gather your details for marketing. It became the opposite of what I signed on for”.

Rather than making him feel better, Sean says those sites actually demoralised him.

“So luckily, I found sugar dating by chance. What impressed me was that, due to the nature of ‘sugaring’, the people and profiles appeared to be mostly genuine. You might not always connect on each other’s expectations, but I could tell these where real people”.

What do you like about sugar dating?

“What I like is that, unlike other forms of dating, sugar dating allows you to have both casual or serious encounters”.

“There’s no pressure to commit to something you don’t want”.

“I started off just looking to have some fun. But now I’m looking for a long-term relationship.”

Sean knew he had the financial security to look after somebody. He was still successful in his career, and he saw no harm in sharing that success with someone else.

“Most sugar babes are looking to meet a man that can share his success with them, so it seemed ideal for me”.

“I  genuinely enjoy being able to help someone starting off in life. Not just financially, but with advice in avoiding some of the many road bumps I encountered  on my way to financial freedom”.

What do people say when you tell them you’re a sugar daddy?

“You can see the pre judgement spread across their faces”

“There was a time when that didn’t used to be the case. But today, there is a very harsh and unwarranted stigma plaguing this form of dating”.

“I have watched sugar dating change over the years from being very close to coming out of the shadows, to being understood and accepted, to now where I feel it is pulling the sheets back over itself.”

Why is there such a stigma about sugar dating?

“I think it’s because it’s a very honest and upfront sort of arrangement”.

“Girls say what they want (which, in a lot of cases, is money) and guys also say what they want. This is sex, a lot of the time, but not always”.

“Sometimes, the guy just wants to make the girl smile, or make her life easier.” 

To Sean, there is absolutely nothing wrong with two consenting adults wanting to complement each other’s lifestyle. 

“Why shouldn’t a wealthy man want to spend or give money to beautiful women to make her smile or her life easier? Why shouldn’t a woman want the best from life? To feel like she’s special and shown that by receiving gifts or financial assistance?”

Even though there are misconceptions about this form of dating, Sean says it really is nobody else’s business to judge.

“Let the naysayers preach all they like. I’m having fun and I know my dates certainly are as well.”

Are people sceptical about why you became a sugar daddy?

“People that know me also know that I am capable of finding an attractive woman other than by becoming a sugar daddy” 

Sean says that he doesn’t need to sugar date he chooses to sugar date. And the sugar babes he talks to all say the same. “I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, sugar daters like dating this way it’s that simple.” 

“People try so hard to imply sugaring is manipulation and exploitation. How can something that is the most transparent way of dating and that is completely voluntary to be part of be in anyway exploitive?”

“Am I as a sugar daddy being exploited for my wealth? I never hear that question raised.”

“Practically, everybody has looked at or used a dating site. Tinder, Bumble the list goes on. Sugar dating, really, is just another way of meeting people.

“It’s just far easier to find the person you wish to date in a way you want to date sugaring.”

For Sean, that’s an attractive woman without the formal commitments and associated dramas of traditional relationships.

What do you say to those people who judge?

“A lot of the time I won’t fight them. Because often they’re mind is made up.”

“What I will say is that , before casting judgment, people need to accept and understand why people become sugar daddies and sugar babes.”

“There are many reasons why people do it, so I implore people to understand before they judge”.

“History is littered with examples of People people vilifying what they don’t understand”.

What is the future looking like for you?

“I am still waiting for the one, so to speak. I would like to find my partner for life”.

“That can be difficult when sugar dating. Not many young women are looking for a life partner on sugar sites.”

“But – of course – some are! And I have met some amazing ladies on my quest. It’s been a wonderful, exciting way of searching”.

In the meantime, Sean is simply enjoying the connections he makes and is having lots of fun dating beautiful women along the way.

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