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We’re empowering sugar daters through a flexible platform where you can make expectations clear from the start

Adult Arrangements Designed by sugar daters, for sugar daters (And completely free to join)

Adult Arrangements was designed by experienced sugar daters

built out of a deep unhappiness with current sugar dating platforms.

Sugar daters like us feel that today’s main sugar dating platforms are in denial and stagnant. Worse, they are going backwards and failing to embrace the freedom and choice that sugar dating should offer.

Adult Arrangements is flipping the script – providing a refreshing experience to ensure sugar daters are matched with exactly who they’re looking for, giving them the ability to make expectations clear before the first date. Without charging them a cent to do so.

Our mission

Today, the sugar dating industry is ashamed of itself. And regular sugar daters are paying for it. The main sugar dating websites we’ve all come to know have little integrity. Banning members for trying to reach tailored arrangements. Pressuring sugar daters to divulge personal information at an early stage. Monitoring the private conversations of two consenting adults.

Squeezing the world of sugar dating into a socially acceptable, politically correct box so they maintain a revenue stream. It’s a downright shame. Sugar dating is one of the most popular ways people choose to date nowadays due to the flexibility it can offer in relationships. And yet, it seems to skulk in the shadows. Our mission is to change that.

Why sugar dating platforms need to change

Modern sugar dating websites prevent members being open about the way they choose to date.

The result has meant sugar dating becomes a waste of time, exhausting and – at worst – exploitative.

The lack of candour on most platforms has created a stigma about sugar dating, and has opened the flood gates for time wasters and people trying to take advantage of other members. Especially Sugar Babes (i.e. young women).

The stigma of sugar dating means that, on most platforms, we sugar daters are always:

  • kissing far too many frogs before we meet our prince or princess
  • wasting time swimming around the question of an allowance (as the platforms offer no clear way to indicate what is wanted by anyone)
  • facing the threat of membership being cancelled if we ever dare mention money!

We decided to take a stand and create a platform that allows sugar daters to date how they want.

How Adult Arrangements is shaking up the sugar dating experience

At Adult Arrangements, we don’t care if you talk about money, create an arrangement where a sugar baby is paid per meeting (Pay Per Meet), discuss a traditional allowance or send photos.

And we never monitor conversations between two consenting adults.

The only strict rule is that everything must be mutually agreed and be what both people want.

Adult Arrangements was purposely designed to allow everyone to make clear their expectations at the very start.

This means:

  • Allowing you to tell people exactly what you’re looking for up front on you profile (whether that’s money, intimacy or something else)
  • Reducing the amount of small talk in the beginning (and getting straight to making an arrangement)
  • Reducing the risk of disappointment (or, worst, exploitation)

Adult Arrangements was conceived with the aim to completely reinvigorate and refresh sugar dating.

We live in a very fast moving world – and sugar dating needs to keep up with that.

At Adult Arrangements we understand the need for sugar daters to have flexibility in their relationships.

So we’ve created a platform where sugar daters can express this through their profiles. And easily update and change profiles as their needs require.

Adult Arrangements is sincere in its mission statement to evolve sugar dating.

As a sign of this commitment, we intend to remain completely free while you enjoy our fresh and initiative site and our membership base is built.

Dating on your terms – at last

At Adult Arrangements, you can clearly indicate at any given time what arrangement you are looking for – right on your profile.

As events change, you can very easily change your profile to suit new circumstances.

One day, a Pay Per Meet arrangement might work best for you.

But another day, if you hit it off with another member, you might be more comfortable with the security of an allowance.

It’s this flexibility we want you to have.

And by being able to simply state the arrangement on your profile, there’s no need for any awkwardness so when you both meet.

It’s just straight to the fun!

At Adult Arrangements you can start dating on your own terms.

Not on your date’s terms.

And not on society’s terms.

This allows you to avoid wasting each other’s time, and instead finding people that will fulfil your wants and desires.

That’s what Sugar Dating is meant to be about – isn’t it?

It’s time to get movin’.

Register your account here, complete your profile, describe who you’re after and what arrangement you’re looking for – and, of course, detail your availabilities.

You can then start posting hot dates and get to it right away!

You can learn more how the platform works here.

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