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Adult Arrangements was conceived from a deep unhappiness many of us sugar daters felt with the way sugar dating platforms were heading. The sites available not only seemed to be stagnant they were going backwards in terms of promoting sugar dating and embracing the empowering freedom and choice it can afford its members. In my opinion the main sites also have little integrity. They ban members for mentioning Pay Per Meet, yet they have affiliated platforms such as bid on a date. What is bid on a date if not PPM ? This type of behaviour I found insulting to us as members. Sugar dating is one of the most popular ways people choose to date nowadays due to the flexibility it can offer in a relationships. Yet it seems to skulk in the shadows. Ashamed of itself.

Instead of evolving and being open and forthright about the diversity of Sugar Dating and what this requires members needs have been ignored in favour of political correctness and appeasement. In an effort to win approval and keep their revenue income Sugar dating sites try desperately to squeeze Sugar dating into one small socially acceptable box. That of the traditional monthly allowance. It has prevented members being open about the way they choose to date. This lack of candour has led to an unwarranted stigma about dating this way. It has also opened the flood gates for time wasters and people trying to exploit members. Especially Sugar Babes. In having no clear way to express your current wants or desires a vast murky grey area of expectation is the petri dish of the Salt Daddies. Sugar Dating is a fantastic way to meet and date. But due to its demise we are all kissing far too many frogs before we meet our prince or princess. We are also wasting vast amounts of time swimming around the question of an allowance as the platforms offer no clear way to indicate what is wanted by anyone. With existing sugar dating sites even when you get to a point of agreement with someone you then have to waste more time seeing what compatible apps you both have so you can move the relationship forward on another platform for fear of your membership being cancelled should you dare mention money. This requires people to unnecessarily have to divulge personal contact information at an early point in getting to know a person. I set out to address all of these points when i designed Adult Arrangements. At Adult Arrangements we have no facility or intention to monitor conversations between two consenting adults. That means that you can communicate and send pictures to other members from the security of the platform with out the need to disclose any private contact details.

Adult Arrangements was conceived with the aim to completely reinvigorate and refresh sugar dating. To move forward with the times and the needs of its members. We live in a very fast moving world and sugar dating needs to keep up with that. At Adult Arrangements we understood the need for sugar daters to have flexibility in their relationships. To be able to quickly alter dating requirements to match events as they changed in their lives. For example, you could find yourself looking for a long-term arrangement one day, with an allowance. The next you could be travelling to a new city for a short stay, where you do not know anyone and would like to have someone show you around and accompany you to dinner or an event. A traditional allowance arrangement works perfectly for the first scenario but the second necessitates a completely different arrangement. Such as a Pay Per Meet. It’s still Sugar Dating. The lack of not being able to define what arrangement best suits us leads to a lot of wasted time, awkward conversations, exploitation  and ultimately frustration. At Adult Arrangements from your profile, you can clearly indicate on any given day what arrangement you are looking for. And as events change you can change your profile to suit. You can then quickly refine your search and match with like minded people. This allows you to avoid wasting each others time and find people that will fulfil your wants and desires. That’s what Sugar Dating is meant to be about isn’t it?

Adult Arrangements. Designed by sugar daters for sugar daters.

It’s dating on your terms. At Last : )

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