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A Sugar Daddy’s perspective

August 6, 2019
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Sean’s Story

When you mention you are a Sugar Daddy you can see a pre judgment appear on people’s faces. I have watched sugar dating change over the years from being very close to coming out of the shadows and being understood and accepted to now where I feel it is pulling the sheets back over itself. This is dating for today and people need to accept it and understand that people become sugar daddies or sugar babes because they want to and they enjoy it. The stigma seems to be in that it is simply up front. Girls say what they want and so do the guys. People try to pussy foot around, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with two adults with the same wishes to not be able to complement each other’s lifestyle. Why shouldn’t a wealthy man want to spend or give money to beautiful women to make her smile or her life easier?

Why shouldn’t a woman want the best from life?

To feel like she’s special and shown that by receiving gifts or financial assistance. I frequently brought my last long-time girlfriend pre me becoming a sugar daddy gifts all the time. People do it every day in other forms of relationships yet because sugar dating gets straight to the point it is largely misunderstood and chastised. The misconceptions and stereotypes abound. Let the naysayers preach all they like. Im having fun and i know my dates certainly are as well.

My reason for joining Sugar Dating?

Was I cheating on my wife? (no never married). Am I a sad old man incapable of not finding an attractive woman other than by becoming a sugar daddy, I think not? Practically everybody has looked at or used a dating site Tinder, Bumble the list goes on. My situation was I had a serious accident that left me unable to walk for six months and then a long recovery period where I had to use crutches. Going out to try to meet people was near impossible. I looked at online dating as a way to by-pass the need to walk into a bar or club. I found most sites a complete waste of time. Lots of Scams, catfish people gathering your details for marketing. It became the contrary of what I signed on for. Rather than making me feel better these sites actually demoralised me.

I found sugar Dating by chance.

What impressed me was that due to the nature of sugaring the people and profiles appeared to be  mostly genuine. You might not always connect on each other’s expectations but these where real people. What I partially liked  was that unlike other forms of dating sugar dating allows you to have casual or serious encounters. I started off just looking to have some fun. Now i’m looking for a long term relationship.I knew I had the financial security to look after somebody, I had been successful and I saw no harm in sharing that success with someone. As sugar babes are for the majority looking to meet a man that can share his success with them so it seemed ideal. Of course, not many young women are looking for a life partner on sugar sites but some are and I have met some amazing ladies on my quest. It’s been a wonderful exciting way of searching. I am still waiting for the one so to speak. But in the mean time I am enjoying the connections and having lots of fun dating beautiful women. Happy days!