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12 best tips for a Sugar Babe

August 14, 2019
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  1. Evaluate your reasons
    To get the most from sugar dating you have to start with a totally honest appraisal of why you want to date this way. If you don’t have a clear perspective yourself you will have trouble portraying what it is you want from a sugar daddy. This will lead to you wasting a lot of time connecting with people that cannot fulfil your expectations. It doesn’t matter why you want to sugar date, as different reasons appeal to different people at different times in their lives. You might seek financial help with rent, tuition fees and bills. Enjoy the excitement of being a sugar babe and the rewards that come with it, such as eating in nice restaurants and dating a person that can offer more out of life than people you have previously dated. Just be sure for whatever reason it is you become a sugar babe that you are genuinely honest with yourself. People still attach unwarranted stigma to dating and receiving benefits. If you have any ethical denials yourself then it will cause you unnecessary inner conflict. And that could lead to your not being assertive enough with letting a sugar daddy know what you want from a relationship.
  2. Don’t overthink becoming a Sugar Dater
    I already mentioned sugar dating having unwarranted stigma attached to it.  Every article I read or vlog I watched was only out to dramatise sugar dating by demising it. At some point in their life everyone has had a bad experience dating. You are actually less likely to have a negative experience sugar dating than by meeting a person in a more tradition manner, as with sugar dating you first get to see if a person has what you are looking for. To begin let’s understand what sugar dating is. It is most often categorised by the term mutually beneficial relationship. People love to associate the term beneficial as meaning escorting. I no longer sugar date. But I find little difference in my current relationship to when I was sugar dating. I still regularly buy my girlfriend gifts and take her away on holidays. We eat out in nice restaurants. And I give her a monthly allowance so she can study without having to work evenings anymore. So, should my girlfriend be classed as an escort? Transactional does not mean escorting. Otherwise, it could be argued that in buying a person dinner on a first date or paying their cinema ticket its transactional. It gets stupid this argument. Sugar dating in itself has no intent to be anything it is purely a way for people to meet other people that they like and that just happen to be able to fulfil their wants and desires.
  3.  Create the correct Profile
    Your profile is initially your only connection to the person you are trying to meet. You need to put forward the best impression straight away. Your profile should attract attention, but the right attention. There is a line between sensual, sexually attractive and cheap. Try not to cross this line if you want to attract the best Sugar Daddy. Unfortunately, your profile is also how the time wasters will find you. If you write on your profile things such as “new to this “or “be kind, just seeing how this works.” It will be a green light to what are known a salt daddies. Your aim while sugar dating is to avoid these people at all cost. They offer you nothing. You must project complete confidence with your profile. In not doing so it’s a bit like going on holiday to a sunny country and on your first day you are bombarded with street vendors who could see you were new to the area from your pale skin.
  4. Be direct
    It’s really important that you state what you are looking for at the very beginning. Leave no room for any misinterpretation. If your reason for becoming a sugar babe was for some financial assistance, then don’t be embarrassed to say so. Everyone who is a member of a sugar dating site understands the fundamentals. Yet somehow most people find it difficult to discuss the basics of an arrangement. Which in turn leads to disappointment or worse exploitation. This is adult dating where as an adult it is expected that you know and say what you are looking for. In Sugar dating it always pays to be upfront in what you want. You need to be especially direct when verifying a person’s identity. Scammers and catfish are everywhere on the internet and they especially like trying to infiltrate dating platforms as people tend to lower their guard more when forming relationships. So do not be embarrassed or hesitant in asking for any information you require in order that you can be certain of the identity of the person you are communicating with.
  5. Ask questions
    I read so many articles where they say don’t ask your sugar daddy questions about his personnel life. Why? You should want answers to some pretty important questions if you are going to date a person.    We all have our own moral compass and code that we live by. Sugar Dating is not a one-way street for the Sugar Daddies. As an adult form of dating if two people are in agreement on what they want then it is for them to decide on if and how they proceed based on their agreed values. But you cannot make ethical decisions if you do not know enough about the person you are intending to date. For example, if a Sugar daddy is married with a family, then you might not wish to go any further in getting to know that person. The golden rule for me when Sugar dating is never do anything that you are not completely comfortable with. It is a platform for people to be able to fill the current gaps in their life’s, be that company or financial support. And to have fun in doing so.
  6. Your arrangement
    Once you connect with a person and decide to move forward in seeing one another, discus early on how you would like the relationship to proceed. Remember no matter how brief you might end up knowing each other sugar dating is built around this being a relationship, it’s one of its ethical fundamentals. In it being a relationship, you have equal input on how you wish the arrangement to proceed. Make sure you are both on the same page and understanding about everything. This prevents any unnecessary awkward situations or disappointments from occurring. Early on establish when you are to see each other, and for how long that is to be for. You might be thinking of just catching up for an hour. They might have thought the evening or the weekend. If you choose to Sugar date using Adult Arrangements platform you can specify all of this information from your profile. On all other Sugar dating sites you will have to make sure you discuss these points in person. Just make sure that you do.
  7. Payment
    An arrangement that is financially beneficial to you, such as your rent being paid or a cash allowance is what most sugar babes are looking for. It’s not the only reason a person might choose to date this way, but it is at the core of what sugar dating is. Discussions around allowances and payments are generally the point at which if it’s going to go wrong it will. People understandably feel a little uncomfortable when discussing an allowance especially if it is to be a in cash. The silly thing is it’s like paying to go to the swimming baths but being shy about getting in the water. Everyone one that joins a sugar dating site understands what is expected. To mutually benefit one another’s life’s. If it’s a monetary benefit then fine. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to make that clear. The vast majority of agreements are based on a financial commitment from the Sugar Daddy. That is after all the very definition of what a sugar daddy is. I cannot stress enough how important this part is to you. You need to state clearly, exactly what you want. And then once an arrangement has been agreed upon stick to it. Don’t try to renegotiate. Talk of finances ruins the mystique of sugar dating. So know in advance what you are looking for and be clear about it from the beginning. Don’t leave any wriggle room because there are unfortunately a lot of people that promote themselves as sugar daddies that don’t really match up. By being assured in what you want, it generally gets rid of the time wasters.
  8. How you are paid.
    Unfortunately, in today’s world there are a lot of scammers. And these people are usually pretty good at getting under our radar. You need to keep your guard up at the start of dating someone new. I have heard of sugar babes being told of transactions being made to their bank accounts only for the money to not be there the next day. Sugar daddies are just as sceptical as sugar babes at the beginning of arrangements. As such they would generally be reluctant to put any funds into your account before meeting you. Who in their right mind would put a monthly allowance into a person’s account before actually meeting them? My answer. An idiot, and genuine sugar daddies, men who have forged out businesses are not idiots. A sugar daddy that says he is willing to put large sums of money into your account will most likely be a scammer.

    So, what’s the best way to start to receive payment for your dates.? The sensible way is simple and obvious its cash. Sugar dating platforms squirm when this simple word is used. They like to pretend it is not a part of sugar dating and only use terms such as gift value or allowance. Well, what pays for the gifts and what facilitates an allowance? Money, cash. Using cash as a PPM, pay per meet arrangement at the beginning makes a lot of sense. Firstly, from a sugar babes perspective cash you can physically take control of. It cannot be taken from you once in your possession. From a sugar daddies’ point of view, it is a good way to honour what a sugar daddy is without overcommitting to a person that after a date or two you might find you do not connect with.

    Pay per meets also work for the varied forms of sugar dating. I once used to fly a sugar babe in from out of state every three months or so for a weekend where we would have dinner and see a show. We did this for a few years. It worked for her as she was a single mother who was running her own business. She did not have any more time to devote to dating. Also by not having a monthly allowance she did not feel any constraints or issues with committal in the form of being available for anyone. For me I was recovering from a serious injury, running a business and building another from scratch. And as we were only seeing each other for two evenings every three or four months an allowance did not fit what we both wanted. We were both very happy sugar dating this way. It was our mutually beneficial relationship. What worked for us. I would pay her flights and apart from us going for dinner and seeing a show I would also give her money to cover any expenses, or to use as she wanted. We are still friends today. If after dating someone a few times and you both feel the connection is strong and you are willing and able to see each other more often. Then if it’s what you both want this is the point at which you can move on to a monthly allowance.

    In closing on the subject of payments. Remember that the main commitment of a sugar daddy is your allowance. If he can’t get that right then move on. And do not be concerned of any tax implications if you have agreed your allowance to be paid weekly or monthly into your bank account. As your allowance is classed as a gift, as you have no obligations to receiving it. As a gift it is therefore tax exempt.

  9.  Loosing yourself.
    This can be a tricky one. I know as it’s happened to me. Before you embark on sugar dating understand it is different from traditional dating. The word NSA is often used on profiles (non-serious arrangement) This is not to say people are not open to letting a relationship develop into something more serious. But we are addressing the fundamentals of sugar dating here. Which is that sugar dating succeeds in that it does not carry the pressures and commitments that often take the fun out of traditional dating. Be aware of your feelings and emotions. We are only human and a bond is bound to happen during the course of a long-term arrangement. Just be sure you are both on the same level when it comes to your feelings. Jealousy can arise, feelings of betrayal and all the other deadly sins that are associated with standard relationships. Also, be aware of letting your feelings trick you into a fantasy that might not be real. It can become painful and ruin or end the relationship.
  10. Keeping your options open
    You can easily start to get dependent on the money you receive from sugar dating. For this reason, you should keep your options open.

    Even if both yourself and your sugar daddy have agreed to be monogamist, it does no harm to keep a few irons in the fire so to speak. You do not have to be unethical but just engaging in communication with other sugar daddies is a harmless pursuit. Should the sugar daddy you are with for whatever reason have to finish your relationship it means you will not go into a state of financial difficulty.

  11. Opportunity
    A genuine sugar daddy should in all respects be a person that has the intellect and contacts that might be of use to your career path.

    Most people that have become high achievers relish any opportunity to divulge their knowledge. There could even be career opportunities through either your sugar daddy or his associates. People tend to mix with like-minded people. If you are entrepreneurial this could be of great benefit to you and enable you to leap frog the mistakes that can be made when first starting out on your entrepreneurial path. I once knew a sugar babe that was studying for a PHD. She was in no way top of her class. On graduation the rest of the doctors as they now were struggled in finding job placements. She on the other hand had purposely sought out a sugar daddy that had a practice in her field of medicine, and cemented her career path this way. I know of other sugar babes that plan vacations or even around the world trips by establishing connections with sugar daddies in the various country’s they are to visit. How much more fun being shown around in style and supported on your holidays than having to work menial jobs. Just another way you can utilise opportunities through sugar dating.

  12. Fun
    Finally, just relax and have fun. Get all of the above out of the way at the beginning and then just bloody enjoy yourself. it’s exciting being a sugar babe or a sugar daddy. The thrill of starting a new connection with someone. Getting dressed up and going to a lovely restaurant or the theatre. Enjoy being treated to the finer things that life can offer. And do so with your head held high. You should be proud that you are going for what you want in life. So many sugar babes harbour some embarrassment. Don’t!  You have taken steps to live life on your terms. Not your sugar daddies Not anyone else’s. Your terms. Make that clear and the world is at your feet. You will be amazed at what you attract once you start to believe in yourself and what you deserve. Just be intelligent in your choices primarily in any decisions to do with your personnel safety.