Getting the most from Sugar dating

Hi for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Sean the founder of Adult Arrangements. This is the first of my Blogs to help you get the most out of being a sugar dater. As with any subject, it’s generally a good idea to start at the beginning Most people would assume that would be finding a platform you like and writing a profile about yourself.

But this is why the vast majority of people on dating sites encounter the same problems. Pre posting any sort of profile you need to be totally honest with yourself, define what you hope to achieve and what you are prepared to do to reach that goal. Sugar dating has many facets to it. You need to identify the ones suited to you and then attract the correct response from people that are on the same pages you.  My blogs are intended to get you going correctly and then take you through the whole process and what to expect from the experience.

So, let’s get going

Starting with your reasoning to want to become a Sugar Dater and then we can lead on to set up a profile that will attract what you are looking for but avoiding the time wasters. Other vlogs in the series will cover deciding upon an allowance and how and when to broach the subject through to protecting your privacy and your personnel security.

I’m here today to help you on your way to being a successful sugar babe or daddy and most importantly getting the most out of what is fundamentally a great way to date. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you enjoy being a sugar dater and bypass the pitfall’s so you can get the most from your time in what some like to call the sugar bowl.

I aim to cover all you need to know to become successful here and enlighten you as to the antics that some sugar babes and sugar daddies will go to in order to bypass the fundamentals of what being a Sugar dater is all about.  That is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

So let’s get started,  And where better than the question of Why?

Why do I want to become a sugar dater?

You might think it’s a no brainer question. Financial assistance, or in the guy’s case to meet a beautiful woman. But just spend some time on this, it’s important as I will explain. I would advise you write a list  on why you want to become a Sugar dater The reason I consider this question so important is that if you go in undecided without clear goals and objectives you begin the process that allows the time wasters and the so-called salt daddies room to manoeuvre.

I know I’ve done it I’ve been a salt Daddy, although my reasoning started as unintentional but once I knew I could get away with things, I did. I will explain more along those lines in a later post.  For the Sugar babes, the questions you need to ask yourself are ‘Is it purely for a financial reward?’ If so, what financial reward am I looking for? What am I looking to get from this experience? What are my boundaries? These questions lead to more questions. For instance. What are my boundaries?

The question of your boundaries requires you to then answer other questions such as am I happy dating a married man?  A person with children or a smoker?. You might also prefer people of solely of a Caucasian appearance or be more attracted to a person of mixed race or of Asian appearance. Your Boundaries also obviously incorporate sexual practices, all need to be considered before you write a profile or you will probably get fed up with being mucked about before getting to meet someone that you really like that can support your lifestyle to meet your requirements.

Everyone has their own standards and moral compass. No one is ever to be judged by their choices. My only advice is that you never step outside your personnel line of ethics or morality. And you know what? you don’t have to. There are plenty of people that will match your requirements. But you will only find them by firstly going through the basics like this.

As we are being honest here most ladies become Sugar Babes to ease some financial burden. This being the case you need to have assessed what level of financial assistance you are looking for.

A higher allowance might dictate seeing a person more frequently than you had expected. Or you might choose to have more than one arrangement. You see here how one aspect of sugar dating; the allowance can bring you back to your personnel ethics.

As a Sugar Daddy, you need to be comfortable with the age of the person you are dating and not forget that it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. You have obligations as a Sugar Daddy. The relationships sour or generally end on bad terms if these obligations are not met. Another pitfall of being a sugar daddy is blurring the line of personnel attachment. I’ve done just that in the past. I became jealous when the sugar babe I was dating asked me for advice on a guy she liked. Of course, Sugar daters can become serious dating couples but initially, That is not what a Sugar Babe wants.

If something naturally grows between you both then great. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is a regular boyfriend-girlfriend situation. Although to work there has to be a genuine connection and attraction from both sides. But the simple rule is that this is fundamentally a mutually beneficial relationship, that is generally of anon serious nature. Just as a sugar daddy is free to date other sugar babes, a sugar babe is free to date whoever she likes unless this was discussed at the very beginning or if you are a member of my site Adult Arrangements and you ticked the box on your profile marked monogamous.

Well I hope this has been helpful

Next, I will cover setting up your profile. This is probably the most important part of becoming a Sugar Dater. So many people get this wrong It’s like hoping to build a structurally sound house on poor footings. You have to get the basics correct. Getting it right will steer you in a much straighter path to the person you are looking to meet. So, write down your answers to the questions I’ve floated to you here as you will need these to construct a profile that will not only work for you but keep the time-wasters at a distance. If they see clarity, a direction in your profile they will click past your profile and look for an easier target.