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Setting up your Sugar Dating profile.

June 26, 2020
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  • Tips to Eliminate time wasters.
    Ladies always very rightly go first, so let’s start with the would-be Sugar babes out there. Pitfalls to avoid when writing your profile. The Faux pas, so to speak. Building a profile can be likened to building a house if the foundations are wrong everything else will go wrong at some point. So let’s get you on a sure footing from the very offset. In doing this you will save a great deal of time and also avoid the time wasters and undesirables that unfortunately float in the fringes of all dating sites. These people used to be are rare but due to the nature of the way the main platforms  are steering sugar dating they are becoming more the norm than the exception. If you can steer clear of them at the start it will make your sugar dating experience all the more enjoyable. You want to keep yourself in the more sophisticated bracket of members and away from the salt Daddies that unfortunately abound now. knowing how to prevent the time wasters interacting with you is essential to you getting the most from your dating. 
  • Getting going
    So what is the best way to present yourself when setting up your profile? Well let’s maybe start with the wrong way. I once saw the headline caption to a profile written by a sugar babe who was obviously at the end of her patience with dealing with time wasters.                It read as follows “Don’t be a Dick or I’ll tell your wife and steal your wallet”  not a very positive way to attract the Sugar Daddy you might be looking for. Others have read like a bridal gift shop with prerequisite presents or payments to even say hello. You also read some profiles where the opening line goes something like  “Im candy come eat me” If you want to meet a person with the character of being a good Sugar daddy  then you’re presentation is everything. You cant allow frustrations to show on your profile or appear cheap. Sure you will most probably get plenty of attention. But it will not be the attention you want. And thats from a genuine Sugar Daddy. One that ticks all the right boxes. You want to attract a person of integrity. A person that values and more importantly understands the dynamics that make a successful sugar dating partnership.
  • Attracting the attention of the right person.
    Well, let’s as I like to cut to the chase. If your profile presents itself purely Sexually will attract quantity over quality in the responses you receive. You might also very well attract the attention of a great sugar daddy. But in getting there unfortunately you will also have attracted every time waster. This is straight from the horses mouth. I have been a member of the main sugar dating platforms. At no point do they request any proof of income or any documentation to substantiate if you are capable of fulfilling the aspirations of a sugar babe. They might request supportive evidence for diamond members, I do not know. But for general memberships a person living in a tent with $1 can join as a sugar daddy. This is why I emphasise so much importance on the profile you create, as you do not want to be wasting your time or have negative experiences.
  • Sex
    Sugar dating is as the name entails is for people to meet and date. Anyone dating however they meet will at some point have sex with the person they are dating. Sex is what most men join for. And a financial reward is what most Sugar Babe join for. There, it’s out in the open. It’s what everyone knows and yet no one dare say. It is no means a prerequisite to sugar dating to have sex I am simply saying that as in most relationships sex is part of the connection you develop. Back to your profile, as I have mentioned already a sexually promoted profile will get you plenty of attention, but mostly from guys that have joined and do not fit the criteria of being a genuine sugar daddy. If in the profile heading it looks like you are offering sex pretty easily such as candy’s heading I mentioned above, then you are most likely going to attract the lower portion of members, or guys that are on these sites that are not true sugar daddies in either a financial or ethical sense the so-called Salt Daddy.
  • Salt Daddy! No Sugar to be had here.
    This is where the integrity comes in to play, as the less scrupulous persons will look for profiles where they feel sex will be easy and their objective will be to just use the sugar babe they have met with no commitments offered or very little in the way of anything. Profiles that are sexually encouraging can also attract people trying to find new escorts for their agencies especially if the profile is that of a very young sugar Babe. You obviously do not want this kind of attention. It can cause people to give up on even trying to find the right Sugar Daddy. I reiterate what I am writing is far from the norm. Sugar dating when people adhere to its principles and core essence is truly incredible for everyone. Unfortunately, such a successful way of dating is bound to attract the bottom feeders. These are just helpful tips so to avoid having your time wasted and not discourage you from meeting the right person that is also waiting to meet you. Genuine Sugar daddies will be looking for an attractive profile picture and a person that appears genuine and sincere. I can tell a profile written by Sugar babes that have had far too much of their time wasted.  It is fully understandable that their profile becomes cynical. “Don’t waste my time “  or “Don’t ask for pictures before messaging me first” are quite common profile captions. I understand that this is an attempt to wean out the vast amount of time wasters you will encounter. But it is also going to deter any genuine Sugar Daddy.

    I designed Adult Arrangements to purposely help you in eliminating the need for you to deal with anyone that does not meet your sugar dating criteria. At Adult Arrangements what you wish to receive and what a person is offering are clearly stated on profile pages. This removes the murky areas that salt daddies need in order to manoeuvre.
  • Why listen to me?
    Well, I’ve been that Sugar Daddy lacking the integrity sought. I know what the sugar Daddy you are wishing to avoid is looking for. And I know what type of profiles he will look for. But as I started to fully understand sugar Dating and wanted a long-standing Sugar Dating relationship, I also know what a genuine Sugar Daddy is looking for. My early path of being somewhat of a Salt Daddy actually happened by chance as when I first entered the sugar bowl, lots of Sugar Babes made it so easy for me to just go with the flow and take what was offered. An arrangement was never even discussed. I think the Ladies I met just assumed that I as the sugar Daddy would eventually broach the subject. And me in my egotistical bubble thought that they just liked me so much that my company was sufficient. Vain? I think for me it was more placation of my genuine wish for someone to want me for me at the time. But I blurred that line that separates sugar daters from traditional dating.  Validation of emotions such as these has no place in Sugar dating. They come with all the other damaging emotions such as jealousy.  The absence of negative relationship emotions  is what makes Sugar Dating such fun. You do not want to become too emotionally involved at the early stages of dating in any form. Let things progress at a natural pace.
  • What do you want?
    Ask yourself this question now!  Write it down and make sure you make it absolutely clear on your profile. If its financial support, as most sugar babes are looking for, then do not be embarrassed to say so. We are all adults and this is the basis of what a sugar daddy, sugar babe relationship is. Yet it is at this point that we all seem to go a little coy. The extent of what a sugar a babe might want can be pretty diverse.    It can range from financial support to simply being happy to be taken to a lovely restaurant for dinner. So unless it’s made crystal clear early on then the sugar daddy and the sugar babe just exist in an uncomfortable limbo. Another important point here is if your profile just lists you looking for say discretion, emotional connection, no strings attached, open relationship. But makes no reference to study allowance or friends with benefits. You will again attract guys looking for hook-ups without any financial commitment. I personally feel this lack of clarity stems from the largely self-imposed stigma that asking for financial assistance is prostitution. Heaven helps us if we go a step further and use the word money at any point. Unequivocally sugar dating is not prostitution. You are choosing a partner that has the ability to financially help you. But it is a person of your choosing whom you are genuinely attracted to and sex is not a prerequisite.                 I reiterate sugar dating is no different to any-form of dating apart from the fact you can seek out a person who can facilitate what you want in life. That being said as with any-form of dating you should never feel compelled to do anything that you are not comfortable in doing. Peoples values and morals can be diverse. So my golden rule is do not worry what anybody else wants only act within your own personnel boundaries and never step out of them.

    I have told you how I myself personally took advantage of the reluctance of the  sugar babes i met to clearly state their wants. By never addressing the expectations at the very beginning it resulted in us always feeling a little unrelaxed. So the relationship became awkward as it seemed to get harder with time to even broach the subject. After a few meetings like this, I realised I felt quite hollow after every encounter. This was not what I had got into sugar dating for, and I am sure it’s not what the sugar babes I met got into this dating for either. I wanted the mutual respect and understanding that makes this form of dating work so well. Dynamic, exciting and mutually fulfilling. And I knew I was not fulfilling my obligations as a sugar daddy.

    To help you avoid being approached by guys that will not fulfil your expectations you should also avoid profile headings like these.                 “ I’m new to this “  “show me how this is done “ “show me around” dialogue of this nature is again a green light to the undesirables.                 If you are advertising naivety it portrays a lack of assertiveness. I understand people write this as they are a little embarrassed, and want to appear that they stumbled this way to sugar dating. Do not ever be embarrassed. After all, this is exactly what Sugar dating is. A mutually beneficial relationship. That’s it in a nutshell. So do not feel self-conscious or awkward.

  • Recap
    So the key to your profile is in its clarity, as well as the nature of it. If you are sugar dating, as the vast majority of sugar babes are for financial assistance then clearly state that. Any area open to interpretation will be exploited by the salt daddies looking for exactly that gap in a person’s profile. You should not be embarrassed about stating what you want. Sugar dating, however, is not all about money or materialism. For sugar dating to work you must have a mutual connection, a genuine attraction and desire to improve each other’s lives. On a Sugar Daddy site, You get to choose a person you are attracted to and would probably date anyway. It  just happens to have the added benefit of that person being able to support you, emotionally and financially. Nature has always worked that way, we just took the idea from the animal world. You deserve to date a person that wants and has the means to spoil you, and sugar dating is the best way for you to be able to find that person. So remember clarity is a must. If you show clarity you will already eliminate a large proportion of the time-wasters.
  • Your pictures.
    Apart from your profile pictures the sites available at the moment all give the option of secret pictures that you can include in your profile and that are available upon request. I recommend you  post 3 or 4 profile pictures and not take up the option of the hidden pictures.        My reasoning? Well, again, it comes back to attracting the wrong type of guy. You will get the bottom feeders looking for a cheap thrill and just makes you deal with more time wasters. It shouldn’t take a hidden picture for you to meet the correct person.

    The only exception to the use of hidden pictures I would envisage would be if you are currently still dating somebody or are concerned of family or friends knowing you are a sugar babe and prefer a level of anonymity. If you are using the hidden picture option just to show a more erotic picture of yourself I would give it a miss. Another faux pas is to not post any picture at all . You will get little or no response if you post nothing. Post a picture of you from behind or any picture, it need not show your face. You can maintain your privacy this way and you will still get your profile viewed. A lot of people filter their search to show only persons with pictures.

    Type of picture  picture. There’s nothing wrong with sexy. Men are basic, I know I am one, we are visually stimulated. Just don’t cross the line from sexy to slutty. A picture like dialogue can say a thousand words. Sugar dating when correctly followed is a classy form of meeting people. And you want to meet the classy members. Ensure any picture does not divulge your personnel information. Such as where you live, your car number plate, or your place of work. Before getting to know a person you should aim to not give out sensitive information.       I have written a blog on safety concerns that I encourage you to read

    So why did I create Adult Arrangements.? Well I got totally fed up with the way the sugar dating platforms where treating us members. You join as a sugar daddy or a sugar babe and they then pretend the concept of sugar dating is not what they are about. They still wanted subscriptions but were terrified of the opinions of others. The denial they created has made people think sugar dating is murky. And it has also opened the floodgates to time wasters. I wanted to bring everyone in the sugar bowl back to the higher level expected and without any hint of unease when setting out to have a relationship based on adult values and mutually beneficial commitments. The mention of values leads me to my final point. The misconception that sugar daddies want to be called daddy. From the perspective of an emotionally mature man, I found the use of the word baby quite creepy as well. I was put off if a profile said hi daddy let me be your baby. Sugar Baby and Sugar daddy is a concept. For me at least it’s not a role-playing act, but each to their own. We use the term to categories our from of dating as the term fits this. For me I feel  it is just a collective terminology and beyond that I felt pretty awkward and a complete turn off if I was called Daddy. Ok, I hope this has been of some help. Both myself and Sarah are here to make sugar dating as pleasurable and hassle-free as possible for you. So if you have any questions we will be most happy to answer them for you. All emails we receive are traded as strictly confidential and to be only viewed by the sender and the recipients.

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