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How It Works


We designed Adult Arrangements to be simple and fun to sign up to. It is totally free to join. Upgrades to use additional features are optional and you can learn about these in the membership blog. So to begin fill out the registration form on the home page. The questions are self explanatory. You are asked to choose a user name. This is the name that other members will know you as. Try to choose a name that will attract attention of the person you wish to meet. The user name is important as apart from your picture it is what will initially get you noticed. Once you have completed the short registration form you will receive a confirmation email. Once you click on this you will be taken straight to the page to complete your profile. Again we made this page short and fun to fill in. There are no endless ongoing pages and questions.

Complete your profile.

Top of the form it ask you to list your first and last names. These questions are optional not compulsory.



The next question you are required is to write a short heading to go next to your profile picture. Just one or a few words to catch other members attention. Sort of your personnel bumper sticker. Make it something that will get you noticed and appeal to the type of member that  you desire to meet.


Profile picture.

Post a picture for your profile that will be seen alongside your user name. I recommend you view our safety tips blog before choosing a picture. It offers some great advice on your picture choice as well as what information you disclose on your profiles. You can add additional profile pictures further down.


About You.

Describe a little about yourself, your interest, passions anything that gives a small insight into you as a person. Do not be concerned about feeling the need to awkwardly broach the subject of an allowance at this point. We have that covered for you further down. So just write about what you would like to tell someone about yourself.


What You Are Seeking.

If you are a sugar babe you next get to highlight the standard cliched balloons that are all the other sugar Dating sites offer for you to express what type of relationship you are looking for. These are a generic set of options that are frankly completely insufficient for you to be able to clearly indicate what you are looking for as a sugar Babe. The options range from Passport ready to Luxurious lifestyle. Do not worry if the selection shown does not relate your aspirations. At Adult Arrangements we also have that covered. And you can make it clear what you want from sugar dating as you continue to complete your profile.


Describe What You Are looking for.

Having highlighted whatever of the options fit what you are seeking, you now get to describe a little about what you are looking for. This is an opportunity to say what type of person you would like to meet, as well as how you wish to be treated. Again, no need to mention the semantics of the arrangement here either. Just use this text box to make clear. The type of personality that attracts you and if you are looking to meet a person with any shared interest.

Now we start to get to what makes Adult Arrangements Unique. From this point on you get to begin to clearly state the details of how you wish to date and what expectations you are looking for in a Sugar Dating relationship.


What Type Of Relationship Are You Looking For.

Here you can choose from a range of options such as short term. Long term. Monogamous. We pretty  much covered them all with the selection provided. If you would rather not say at this point you can simply highlight Discuss when meet or message.


My Current Availability.

The options here allow you to indicate the time you have at your disposal for a Sugar Dating arrangement. As we all have different life’s and with that comes different time restraints. From studies to work to parenting. I feel that having the flexibility to alter your profile to fit with different demands as they occur is an essential function with in our platform and for sugar dating in general. You can choose from a range of options here such as A Few Hours, Once A Week or again if you prefer you can indicate you would rather discus this when you meet or message. No need to overthink your selections as all of the options you choose can be easily altered by you at any time.



Use this function to get the arrangement elephant that is always in the sugar dating room out of the way at the very start. No need to waste hours messaging back and forth to a person that does not match your gift or allowance expectations. No awkwardness and importantly no room for a person to in anyway become exploited. Here a member has the option to indicate that they would rather discus a gift or allowance value in person. Or they can choose to clearly indicate what Arrangement Value they are offering or wish to receive. As well as the frequency they wish to offer or receive the amount specified in the arrangement. That’s all there is to completing your profile.,


Private pictures

These are optional for you to include in your profile. All profile pictures inclusive of private pictures must abide by Adult Arrangements terms and conditions, and as such require our approval. Another member can only view your private pictures by asking for your consent to do so. Once you begin messaging with other members you can send pictures to one another completely confidentially. Please note from this point all picture sharing and messaging is strictly confidential between both yourself and the person you are in contact with. Adult Arrangements can in no way access any of this information. Therefore, Adult Arrangements cannot filter any content between yourself and the person you are communicating with. As such Adult Arrangements cannot be held liable for any content sent or received. If however you feel a member is not conducting themselves with in the guidelines of our terms and conditions. Please report your concern to [email protected]



 I came up with Hot Dates one beautiful day when I was out on my boat alone and thought how wonderful it would be to have some company to share the experience with.  You could decide to post a Hot Date for a multitude of reasons. Needing a plus one to a wedding. For a corporate dinner or function. Your friend has let you down and you have a spare ticket to the theatre that you do not want to waste. It could even be you are looking for some company for a few hours. The choice is yours. The Hot Date function is only available to premium members and above. We designed it this way for your security as well as it being a way to ensure only serious sugar daters having access to this function. Therefore, anybody posting or replying to a Hot Date is a member of Adult Arrangements and as such you can view their profile as well as be assured that they have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions and as such their authenticity can be verified. It’s super easy to post and respond to a Hot Date.

 To Post a Hot Date

Simply highlight post a hot date and fill in the required information. The day you wish the date to take place. That could be now or you can post the day of the date to be anytime in the future. By being able to post your date well in advance, it affords you time to find a guest before say an RSVP deadline. You could even use Hot Dates when travelling to arrange to meet a sugar daddy or babe pre your arrival. How about you find you have some spare time and feel like some company and being taken out to dinner one evening? With Hot dates options abound.                                                                                                                                                                                Next fill in the location of the date. And then if applicable the payment arrangement for the date. You Can choose to select that you wish to receive a payment. You are offering a payment or that no payment is sought and the date is non transactional.                                                                                                                                            Below the payment arrangement you enter the duration of the date. Enter an hourly start and finish time. Or highlight one of the other options available. A weekend a few days or discus through messaging.

Your Hot Date ad will run for five days from the day you posted it. The cost is $22 AUD a one-time non-recurring payment.                                                                                    Once posted members can respond to your ad through messaging and pictures.

Please note that when using Adult Arrangements all picture sharing and messaging is strictly confidential between both yourself and the person you are in contact with.Adult Arrangements can in no way access any of this information. Therefore, Adult Arrangements cannot filter any content between yourself and the person you are communicating with. As such Adult Arrangements cannot be held liable for content written or received. Adult Arrangements does not interpose or mediate between the person posting the Hot Date. Or to the person replying to a Hot Date.                                                                                                                                                              If, however you deem a person using Hot Dates to be in breach of our terms and conditions. Please contact us at [email protected]


At Adult Arrangements we take your safety seriously. Many of the functions on our platform are in place to aid you in the verification of other members and the information they present. As Hot Dates is a somewhat fast track way of dating. We especially strongly advise that you are completely certain of a person’s identity before meeting anyone in person. Please click on this link for recommendations and advice on Safety tips