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My Secret Life as a Sugar Babe

March 19, 2020
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I’m Ellen, and I have a secret life as a sugar babe. Older men pay me to spend quality time with them and, as a result, I now have enough money to support myself through university.

I was introduced to sugar dating by a girlfriend of mine. I had been telling her how I was unhappy with the guys I had been dating, coupled with working two jobs to pay my tuition and rent.

I as miserable, drowning in debt, and was honestly lookin for another way.

When I learnt about “sugar dating”, it all seemed too perfect

Hanging out with wealthy guys, and getting paid to keep them company and have them spoil me? Potentially earning enough money so I could quit my two jobs and focus completely on my studies? It seemed unreal.

I researched a bit about sugar dating. I read all about sugar daddies, why people got into sugar dating and the benefits of being a sugar babe. There were some scary stories, sure. But overall, it just looked like a fun thing to do.

So I thought – “what’s there to lose?” And I took the plunge.

I started my building a profile, but I was sceptical

I logged onto a sugar dating site that my friend had recommend to me. I had fun filling out my profile and I posted a picture – but, at the stage, I didn’t want to show my face.

Although I was excited, I was a little sceptical of how I might be viewed by anyone that knew me. I must admit I felt a little embarrassed.

What if people saw me and judged me? What if people found out what I was doing, and spoke about be behind my back? What if my parents found out? What would they say?

When I started the dating, I was immediately hooked

Those worries and doubts that I had about sugar dating faded away pretty quickly.

What I loved about interacting with the sugar dating platform straight away was that I was in complete control. I decided who I replied to and who I messaged.

I liked this clandestine way of choosing someone to date. It was like dating, but without the awkward pressures when you’re dating somebody face-to-face for the first time.

I had a sort of “alter ego” that gave me confidence, and I was able to take my time looking  for someone that I was not only attracted to, but could actually help with my financial situation.

I received a huge response despite being new

It was a great surprise if I’m honest. I received a huge response I got as soon as I posted my profile, even with no full faced picture.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I remember thinking … these are guys are so easy to play! All my profile picture showed was some cleavage in my dress.

I could clearly see that the girls on this sugar dating platform were the ones that had the upper hand here.

I had all the power to choose the guy that I wanted

I was, quite literally, the prize that all of these guys wanted – and I could be very choosey. So I was.

I couldn’t reply to everyone (I received dozens and dozens of responses). So I quickly deleted the messages that were creepy and were overly sexual.

After a week or so of responding to the people that had favourited me on my profile, and that took my interest, I found it easy to discern between a guy worth my time and a guy that wasn’t.

I developed a ‘dating system’ to eliminate creeps 

After getting used to the new platform, I developed a system of straight away asking:

  • “What allowance are you offering?”
  • “What do you expect me to do to receive that allowance”?

This was important to me – as I wanted to understand a guy’s intentions straight away. I didn’t want to dance around the issue. I didn’t want misunderstandings causing nightmares later on.

This system cut the “players” and so-called “salt daddies” out of the game straight away.

Sure, there were a few non-genuine guys tried to play past this, but they could only take it so far. Without pre-prepared questions and getting straight to the point, guys will try to take advantage. So it became so boring messaging back and forth and getting nowhere.

My first date was incredible

I was taken to a beautiful restaurant and treated in a manner I had never been before with the guys my age that had taken me out.

This was not your local Thai restaurant. And I wasn’t asked to split the bill!

I felt like royalty, as this man had treated me with an incredible amount of respect that nobody had ever shown me on a first date before.

When it didn’t work out, it was easy to find someone else

I didn’t end up staying with the guy who took me on my first date. Although he was attractive, and we had a nice evening, I didn’t feel the chemistry was there.

The good thing was that I didn’t have to wait weeks for someone else to cross my path.

I simply went to my sugar dating inbox, saw who had favourited me and picked out another guy that ticked all my requirements.

It sounds a little cold and mercenary, but I realised it was no different to dating so-called “normally” – whether in real-life or in dating apps. The only difference was I knew a little of the person beforehand before meeting them, that they were financially secure and that they wanted to use that position to be able to help me.

My second date led to a year-long relationship – and I was able to quit both my jobs

The second sugar daddy I met I saw for close to a year. When dating him, I was finally able to give up working two jobs and focus on my studies. Simply because I lived on the allowances he gave me.

We took weekends away, went out to dinner most weeks and he was also able to give me advice on life itself.

I don’t want to use the word “mentorship” as I find it is used far too generically on these sites. Rather, we had a great connection and a genuine fondness and chemistry. I looked forward to our dates as I know he did.

When we took different paths, we still kept in touch 

Eventually, we stopped seeing each other. This was not because we fought or didn’t get along anymore.

His situation changed after around 11 months, as his work required him to move overseas. I was sad to say goodbye. 

But we still keep in touch! I know he now has another sugar babe in his new country of work.

Am I jealous? Not at all! Sugar dating isn’t about control and jealousy. If you found yourself in a relationship like that, I’d recommend getting out.

I soon found another great partner who wasn’t clingy, jealous or demanding

I am now in another long-term relationship with a sugar daddy. The connection again is great. We respect the fact each of us has a life outside of dating.

That respect means we contact each other once a week to arrange our date. There is none of the full-time commitment issues and constant messaging that I found hard to deal with in my relationships outside of sugar dating. 

I can fully focus concentrate on my studies now and, If I want, I could get another sugar daddy or boyfriend if I wanted.

This is my life – and as long as everybody involved in it is fully aware of my position, then I see no harm in it what so ever. 

I became a sugar babe for the money, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I date this way so I have the ability to live my life on my terms. When I started as a sugar babe, it was for financial help.

I felt I was drowning in debt and the worry was making me sick.

I joined a sugar daddy site to help ease my finances – and I’m not afraid to admit it.

If you’re thinking about sugar dating, do it. 

Sugar dating is amazing, and it can be as loose or as meaningful as you both want.

It’s not blind dating. You pick a person that you are fully attracted to, and that you know will be able to treat you like a lady. The relationships are based on having fun when you meet, and both being left to carry on your life’s outside of those times.

I wanted an attractive man that could show me a better way of life than the one I was living. My sugar daddy wanted an attractive, intelligent woman that he could socialise with and help her live that lifestyle.

And with sugar dating, we both knew this before we met. All we had to do was meet and make sure the chemistry was there.

No other form of dating can do that.

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I hope you enjoy being a sugar babe as much as I do and find this article helpful.

Lots of love

Ellen x

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