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Safety Tips

At Adult Arrangements your safety is of paramount importance to us. So here is some advice on recommended practices for you to implement when Sugar dating. We strongly advise that you take the time to read through these safety tips. The advice offered should not in anyway alarm you. It is purely to enable you through awareness to implement how you seem appropriate.


It all starts with your user’s name. Although you are signing up to a legitimate dating site. We recommend not using your real name when setting up your profile. It is of course perfectly acceptable to do so, but anonymity is always prudent at this stage. As unfortunately the internet and especially contact sites are plagued with unscrupulous people. So, the aim is to give these parasites as little information as possible. And only filter out details of yourself when you are happy to do so in being confident of a person’s true identity and intentions.

Your choice of user name and the heading you choose for your profile can often draw unwarranted attention to you. If your heading is Sally no knickers, you will attract the lower end of the sugar Dating spectrum. Even a heading such as “new to this” or “just seeing how this works” is the type of heading the Salt Daddies will home in on.Unscrupulous members, that unfortunately frequent sugar dating sites will look for signs of a person not being clear and confident in what they want and lacking in experience. So it is important you portray that strength in your profile. You can still use a seductive user name and profile heading but just be mindful of what level of person you wish to appeal to. As apart from your profile picture. Your user name and banner are what other members will initially filter their search with.

Profile picture

A profile picture is not essential but highly recommended. As you will have limited response if you do not include one on your profile. The picture you choose need not show your face. It could be a picture of you taken from behind or with a hat on. When choosing a picture to apply to your profile take care that no personnel information is included within the shot. Such as photographs on your wall, your car number plate or any paperwork that could be enlarged and read. I further recommend that the picture not include any distinguishing land marks of the area where you work or reside.


A strong password is obviously essential. When signing up to Adult Arrangements it will insist the password you create implements characteristics to achieve this. From that point your password security is your responsibility as Adult Arrangements do not keep on file or have access to your password. When choosing a password try to avoid passwords you already use. Do not save them to key chain on your device. Avoid using your date of birth, your pet’s name or words and numbers that a person familiar with you could guess. If initially with you feel you need to write your password down. Try to write it cryptically in a way only you recognise and dispose of it as soon as you have committed it to memory. You can always request to reset a new password from us. So, there is no need to take risk with your password security. It is good practice to renew your password from time to time. Never ever disclose your password. Adult Arrangements will never request you do so.

Your Email.

Many of us have our names at the beginning of our email address. The email you use when Joining Adult Arrangements is one of the few connections you will have to the site and that of your personnel and business life. It is prudent to separate the different facets of your life as much as possible. Gmail accounts are easy to set up and the email address you choose to use will require no disclosure of your personnel information for others to view. You can also separate this email from other accounts. It is important for you to note that as a safety feature for our members we designed Adult Arrangements so as to eliminate the need for you to leave the security of the site when communicating with other members. A lot of sugar daters, through privacy concerns of their conversations being monitored and vetted through algorithms, or as they wish to share pictures choose at an early stage of connecting with another member to use a third-party platform to more confidentially get further acquainted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Adult arrangements do not have the means or desire to access the content of your messaging or picture sharing. That means that unless you wish to, there is no need for you to use additional platforms such as WhatsApp or Kik that require you disclose your telephone number or other sensitive information that others can then view. Social media sites such as these are by their very nature a portal to information of not only yourself but of your friends and family.  In any situation and especially with dating platforms, until you are fully acquainted with a person and happy to do so. You should aim to give the minimal amount of access to the disclosure of your information. If you wish to use other platforms to communicate with members, then please be mindful of what access that platform allows a person to acquire about you.

Profile information

Adult Arrangements employs a well-established cyber encryption and storage specialist to ensure that all information supplied is safe and held in the utmost secrecy. None of your information is ever supplied to marketing companies. At Adult Arrangements, we do not disclose member information with any third party.

Early communication between members

As with meeting anyone new. Be mindful that you only know the information that they have chosen to show you so far. The first thing we recommend before you begin to tell a person more intimate details of yourself is to ascertain that they are indeed the person they are portraying to be. If the person does not have a profile picture displayed or the picture, they posted does not show their face fully that is ok up to the point of the earliest communication between yourselves. If you choose to communicate with a person beyond this point and they are not willing to show you what they look like, we strongly advise that you do not advance the communication past this point.

Verifying a person’s identity.

Adult Arrangements allows you to privately send and receive pictures from members.                                                                                                                                                      If you have connected with another member and you intend to disclose more than what is written on your profile or you intend to meet up in person. Then ask the person to either video chat with you or send you a picture while messaging. If it’s a picture. Then have them strike a pose of your choosing or hold an object such as a pen in their right or left hand. Anything that will unequivocally confirm their identity. If chatting by video or sending a picture then once again be mindful of what information is in view. This not only protects you from Catfish and the likes. But by verifying a person’s identity, and in that person knowing you have a picture of them. It becomes a huge deterrent for anyone to in anyway act inappropriately.

Your Arrangement

The sugar dating mantra is mutually beneficial arrangements. If you are a Sugar Babe a sugar daddy by very definition is expected to reward you for your company. There are various forms to which you might both wish to do this. From simple dinner dates, your rent covered. Tuition fees, holidays, a cash value to help with your expenses. Or all those and more. How you choose to have your allowance expressed is a private matter between a sugar babe and her sugar daddy.                            Adult Arrangements, by allowing you to specify the gift or allowance value you are looking for on your profile as well as seeing what a potential sugar daddy is offering have made this element of sugar dating much less open for exploitation. Although a sugar daddy might list the allowance value you are looking for, you should take steps to ensure his sincerity as there are unfortunately salt daddies. People looking to have your company without living up to the obligations of a true sugar daddy.

If the arrangement you both decided upon was a cash reward. Then attend to this at the beginning of the date. If a monthly allowance by bank deposit was how you both wish to be appreciated as a sugar babe. Then ensure the funds are cleared if this is an initial meeting. I have heard of sugar babes seeing a deposit made into their account, only for it to not be there the next day. Sugar Daddies are equally open to exploitation. I myself once paid a sugar babes air fare to visit me along with a chauffeur driven car to the airport. Only for her to leave with friends once she landed. This is why I always advocate that the first time a sugar babe and a sugar daddy meet it should be non-transactional. A simple meet and greet. A dinner or a coffee. You will be able from this first encounter to have given your instincts an opportunity to evaluate them for you. If your connection is out of state or even out of the country. Arrange a zoom meeting.

If it seems too good to be true it invariably is. If a sugar daddy you have never met offers an allowance of $5000 a month with a Ferrari and a penthouse apartment. I am sorry but it’s a scam. Use all of your common sense and instincts until a person has earned your trust. If ever you are unsure of anything. Or just want some impartial advice from a person that’s been there, done it and still wearing the T shirt. You can contact our resident Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babe. All correspondence is treated completely confidentially.

[email protected]

[email protected]


To Adult Arrangements. Adult Arrangements use Square as a secure third-party payment gateway. Adult Arrangements do not store card details.

Payments between members

If in your arrangement you have agreed upon receiving or giving a gift or a gratuity. Whether that be through a banking transaction or cash. Ensure that you never disclose unnecessary information such as your account passwords or pin numbers. Keep a personnel record of your gifts or transactions.

First meets.

After verifying a person’s identity, and when due to meeting in person for the first time. Put some basic safety precautions in place. Inform a member of your family, a friend or anybody that knows you, of the fact you are going on a first date. Send them a picture of your date. Inform them when your date is planned for as well as the start time and the anticipated time you expect to be home. If anything changes you can always call them to let them know. I personally think it is wise to tell a friend that you will call them when your date first arrives and also at some point during or at the end of the date. Specify you will not SMS but call-in person. An SMS can be sent on your phone by anybody having access to it.

You should initially meet a person for the first time in a public place. A café or restaurant fits this description. Advisably make your own way to the venue. Firstly, by not allowing your date to pick you up in their car you are not placing yourself to a place of confinement that can be driven anywhere. Also, as I mentioned earlier. Your information should be drip fed out as you become more acquainted with a person. If you allow somebody to pick you up they will invariably know where you live. Dating is a lottery. Not very date you go on leads to something more. Some dates even unfortunately end badly. In the event of this you do not want that person knowing where you reside.

If you find you have no one that you can inform of the fact that you are meeting a member of adult Arrangements for a date. And you wish to be precautionary. Please feel free to leave an email with us at [email protected] list First date as the subject so your email will receive priority viewing. let us know what member you are due to meet as well as where and when. If you can attach a picture then do so. Fourteen days from receiving your mail we will delete the message. We want you to know that when we say your safety is of paramount importance to us. We mean it.