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Set up a profile to avoid time wasters

August 19, 2020
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This is the second blog I have posted in my series covering the fundamentals of sugar dating. Today we move on from asking yourself why you want to be a sugar dater to setting up a profile that is going to get you the results you’re looking for. I will show the sugar babes what will attract a good sugar daddy and also what will draw endless time-wasters to your profile. These time-wasters used to be rare but due to the nature of the way the sites out, there are steering sugar dating they are becoming more the norm than the exception. Steering clear of them at the start will enable your sugar dating experience to be fun exciting and rewarding as it should always be. To help eliminate this problem amongst over problems is why I set about designing Adult Arrangements.

A bad experience early on could put you off Sugar dating or at the very least make your attitude become cynical and reflect that on your profile. Personally, the majority of people I have met whilst sugar dating have been fantastic. I have through naivety also met some people I would rather have not.  The good experiences far out way the bad, but you need to be aware of how to keep yourself in the more sophisticated bracket of members and away from the salt Daddies and scammers that unfortunately abound on the sites running now.

The upside is, once you know how to isolate these people you will have plenty of fun and rewarding good times. Building a good profile is a bit like building a house if the foundations are wrong the rest will all go wrong at some point.  you have to get the basics right from the very start. Let’s begin by Starting with your user name Obviously important as it will be the second thing a Sugar daddy will see after your profile picture. If you choose a name like say. (I’m Candy come eat me). Well, your green lighting the wrong people straight away.

There are a lot of guys on these sites that will try to hook up and sleep with girls without any arrangement. This type of heading will have them message you for sure. And if you’re not such shall we say a traditional sugar dater Or a Sugar Babe whose circumstances dictate a pay per meet situation then this could work, but you will still mainly draw the salt daddies and the dregs of the site. I can tell when a Sugar Babe has had an endless request from guys like this and they are near the end of their patience with dealing with these types. Their profile headings reflect their frustration. I’ve seen profile headings that read “don’t be a dick or il tell your wife and steal your wallet”. Or they simply say “don’t waste my time” or “Don’t ask for pictures before saying hello.” I fully understand how some sugar babes get to this point and although by being blunt to the idiots it gets your point across to them it also puts you in a bad light for finding that one prince amongst a shit load of frogs. So, stay clear of being aggressive with your wording or sounding like damaged goods.

You can’t let your frustration show through on what is apart from your profile picture is the first introduction a potential sugar daddy has of you.  First impressions are everything. You need to sound like what you are actually looking for yourself. Someone fun, drama free and not too intense. And remember there are a lot more Sugar Babes than there are desirable genuine sugar daddies out there.
So, let’s avoid you even getting to the stage of frustration and keep this fun and rewarding, as it should be. For a name, don’t try to be too clever simple is best and then a profile heading that can be seductive but is well, not slutty. I’ll leave that one with you. Your profile picture.  This is the most important part of your profile.   If you don’t put a picture up you will have minimal to no contacts. Men are visually stimulated we are at heart very basic creatures. If you are reluctant to show your face on your profile page you can still post a picture that will attract attention.
You could have just your back showing with your hair down or sitting looking out to sea, As long as it’s a picture of you or any manner of the picture that again can be seductive but does not cross that tricky line of becoming tacky. A tacky picture will get plenty of response but mostly from the undesirables, we are steering you clear of. As men are basically, well basic, a seductive picture even just some cleavage will 100 percent get you more attention than one of you driving your car. A little cleavage can still be classy and tasteful. It could be you in a lovely evening dress, I’m not suggesting stripper material. Because If it’s clear all you are offering is sex you are going to have guys just looking for the same contacting you.

As many of you know You will also be able to display additional pictures that are visible on your home page. I would recommend doing this. It’s just one more step to being noticed and having a person start to get an idea about you. So now we have a profile name, a picture and a short heading. This is really all a potential Sugar daddy is going to look at with 90 percent of the profiles he browses through. So, make this good. The picture is the main bait you have. We mentioned you can have hidden pictures on your profile. This is the opportunity to be a little more seductive.  You should only show these pictures to a sugar daddy who you are interested in and who you have already started to message. You can knock the ball out of the park so to speak with some sexy pictures in here. It’s not demeaning as you’re trying to capture a very simple animal. Whereas to catch a rabbit might negate the use of a carrot, all most guys need is for you to sow a thought in their head. And believe me, it’s much easier than you think.

Some guys knowing that the private pictures are generally more revealing will request these more or less instantly, I would ignore these people as they are making their intentions known early. If a Sugar daddy has not taken any time to communicate with you and build up a rapport pre asking to view your pictures then the chances are he is not what you are looking for or what you deserve.

Now on to a brief bio.

In all honesty, as mentioned we men are so simple when it comes to attraction it pains me to say. We don’t really care if you skateboarded down Everest. Just as if you’re honest you don’t care if we did.  Sure, portraying a fun open-minded personality is great.  It is after all that most people do want. One thing to stress with your profile is honesty. I once went to join eharmony or I can’t remember all I do remember is the site runs along the lines of matching you on values.  Personally, I believe initially it’s a physical attraction and that’s why a good picture is so important on your profile. Anyway, I thought let’s give it a go. Well there were 100 tedious questions to have you match a person with the same beliefs. From the questions I could see that had I  answered honestly, I would have got nowhere. I realised to be successful on this site would require me to lie through most of the questions. An example of a question was how important that look to you? very? somewhat? or not at all? The perceived answer was for me to say I am not driven by natural instinct and looks have no importance to me.

So the whole site was everybody saying what they thought people wanted them to be. Then to eventually you might get to meet a person you match with that also lied through 100 questions. My point is if looks are important to you then say so.  If you just want to see somebody casually then say that. Sugar dating is at its core a platform where women get to choose a guy they like that can also offer financial assistance, That’s it in a nutshell. A lack of honesty to this is what’s killing sugar sites in my opinion. Keeping in mind what I just said lets now look at your bio. This is where you usually get to state what you are looking for. Most sugar babes go all around the houses in a clandestine attempt to say what they want which is generally financial assistance. You should however word this in a way that is both subtle and to the point. Simply put. “Looking for a generous sugar daddy to provide financial assistance as I complete my studies”. Simple and straight to the point. Any grey area here will I’m sorry to say be a green light to the site morons. Here are a few examples I often see that will attract people you do not want.

“Looking for someone to show me how this works”

“New to This  anyone like to show me around”

Or the latest favourite I’ve seen quite a few times is

 “If corona virus doesn’t get you I will”

You need to sound like you know what you’re doing and what you want at the very beginning. If you don’t you offer up the perception you are new and vulnerable. New and vulnerable is what the time wasters are looking for. Most of the time-wasters will drift away if they feel you know what you want. They are scanning through profiles for opportunities. I know, as I’ve done it. For instance, if you write  “New to the city looking for someone to show me around” certainly, you will get offers to show you around etc. But it detracts immediately from the most important aspect of being a sugar babe

That is securing an allowance.

There is no point having a person show you around if that person is unwilling or unable to meet your wants. So be precise without sounding rude or damaged. Your Bio allows you to clearly state what you are looking for. Apart from saying what type of personality you would like to meet. Use this additional information to again make it clear what you want. So many of us pussyfoot all around the fact that nearly all Sugar Babes are looking for financial assistance. All you have to do is Google the very term “Sugar Daddy”. You will find written

“A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favours”

This synopsis might be a little blunt but that’s how it is written in the Dictionary. So why do we all pretend so much of what we are all on this site for?. For Sugar dating to work and be the fun and successful platform I have known it to be, we must Start by accepting it by its very definition and not adding additional fluff. Remember at all times this is dating on your terms. No one else Yours.