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Sugar babe makes $3000 cash a week. How?

September 15, 2022
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Hi I’m Roxy.

Well, that’s the name I use for sugar dating. It’s prudent to keep some anonymity I find.

I wanted to write this blog to help other sugar babes to basically find the sugar as I have. I know from when I first started out as a sugar babe that I was pretty clueless. This resulted in me having plenty of free dinners and drinks on dates, but very few Benjamin’s in my purse.  So let me give you a few tips on getting wiser so you can acquire the cash rewards that you want.

Get straight to the point.

When first making a connection with a sugar daddy. Minimise the small talk. After limited pleasantries your first question should be “what are you looking for?” This simple question will eliminate 99 percent of the time wasters. And there are soooo many of them on sugar dating platforms. It can be difficult spelling out what you want as a lot of the platforms have this denial in what we sugar babes are here for. That’s primarily money, cash, financial assistance its all the same under any banner. But mention of money can result in you being banned from the site. It really annoys me as for me a PPM “pay per meet” is the best way to earn the most from sugar dating. It’s also how most sugar daters like to start off a relationship. Sugar daddies are meant to be savvy businessmen. Why would a smart person agree to a monthly allowance of thousands of dollars if they do not yet know that person. I have found that after a few PPMs if the connection is there then I have been offered a monthly allowance.

The problem is lot of the sugar dating platforms monitor your messaging and look for algorithms. They acquaint PPM as escorting which is ridiculous. It’s because the big platforms are in this limbo where they know sugar dating has many ways that an arrangement can be made but they are scared of being shut down.

Use multiple platforms.

I personally use the major platforms such as seeking due to the volume of members that they have. But I also use a new platform. Adult Arrangements. As it is the only sugar dating platform where you can put your allowance requirement on your profile, along with how you would like to receive it. Weekly, monthly or per meet. Cuts a lot of the crap out with endless awkward messages trying to find out what if anything is on offer. The only downside is that Adult Arrangements is relatively new and so its member base is still quite low. But for functionality as a sugar dating platform, I’ve seen nothing better.

How do I receive on average a minimum of $2000 per week.

I have multiple sugar daddies. The old saying don’t keep all your eggs in one basket makes sense should your sugar daddy end the relationship or agreement. But having multiple options also works in that you can have four quick PPMs in a week at $500 each and there’s your $2000.

From the PPM you will often find you have a special relationship with a sugar daddy and this then leads to you seeing each other more often and agreeing upon an allowance. Although I prefer to stick to the PPM even in long term arrangements as I feel less beholding with my time. As well as this, by receiving your money each time you meet means you do not have to wait until the end of the month to receive your allowance. It’s all a personnel choice.

I actually do have one steady sugar daddy where we agreed a monthly allowance of $2000.  I also have two PPMs most weeks. They average $500 a meet, although I have had more on occasions. I find the PPMs exciting. I only agree to see guys I am attracted to and It’s like meeting a new boyfriend on a first date. And first dates generally involve a dinner at a great restaurant. Guys go all out to impress at the start.

I also have my own career where I receive a salary.

So, do the math?

Worth knowing as well that what you receive as a sugar babe is a gift. Its non-taxable income.

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought and I wish you every luck in your sugar dating.

Roxy x