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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To access Adult Arrangements, you must tick the box indicating that you agree to our terms and conditions. First and foremost is that  Adult Arrangements is an adult contact site. You must be over 18 years of age.

You do not have criminal convictions that would be a danger to any of our members. Any person having been convicted of any sexual crime is strictly not permitted to become a member of Adult Arrangements or view its members.

By not consenting to our terms and Conditions you are not permitted to access or Use Adult Arrangements. The site is free to join. In doing so you acknowledge that to contact members and use the site in its entirety requires you to become a paying member. you further acknowledge that even if you have ceased to use the service your profile will remain active unless you delete it personally.

Adult Arrangements at all times has the right to remove or block a profile even if it is of a paying subscriber if that member has been deemed to act inappropriately and outside of our member’s guidelines. These Guidelines are listed within our terms and conditions.


When becoming a member of Adult Arrangements, you agree to receive emails from us. These emails range from notifications of members viewing or favouring your profile to announcements or promotions that we deem beneficial to your use of the site.

Account Protection

Adult Arrangements employ a cyber protection company that specialises in subscription-based platforms. We will do all we deem to be necessary in order to protect your information. That information is never used outside of Adult Arrangements. You are however responsible for all activity on your account.

It is for you to deem the appropriate level and sensitivity of communication and the exchanging of any pictures. You have an obligation to your account protection by not permitting unauthorised use of your user name or password.

If you feel your account is being illegally accessed change your password and inform us of this breach immediately so we can take appropriate measures on your behalf.

Contact between members

Adult Arrangements is primarily an introduction site.

We are here as a means for single adults to find each other. After you have found you match all arrangements from that point on are solely your responsibility.  We recommend you take all precautions by reading our blogs and safety tips. Most scams and bad practices are brought to your attention with in these blogs. Although it is your responsibility to protect both yourself and your finances, Adult Arrangements will vigorously act on any complaint that s brought to our attention.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop a person from posting an offensive comment or sharing an image with you privately until it is reported to us by yourselves. We will remove and block any members found to be acting in an unbefitting manner towards any other member of this site. If a situation is warranted to be of a serious nature Adult Arrangements can authorise legal action.

We suggest you verify a member looks by requesting recent pictures and asking for a specific pose to be adopted. In this way, you can be assured of a genuine physical attraction. We cannot Guarantee your dating success. Again however please read our tips on setting up your profile to achieve the best results.

Adult Arrangements is for your personal use. It may not be used to procure marketing information or any information other than for the purposes of  personally dating from your own genuine account.


You agree to and understand the following.

All billing is securely processed through Square. You agree to authorise our billing company to charge your payment provider for any services you have subscribed to. If a payment is reversed, we reserve the rights to remove your account without any obligation to refund any areas associated with your membership subscription. Your billing information is accurate and current at the time of processing any payment. You must immediately inform us of any transactions or security breaches associated with your payments or payment information that has been provided to us. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by hitting the upgrade/subscription link.

Information shared

Each member is personally responsible for the information they choose to divulge whilst using Adult Arrangements. We reserve the right to remove any information we deem to be offensive or outside of our member’s guidelines.

Members Guidelines

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you also agree to abide by our member’s guidelines that are listed below.

It is impermissible to participate in any of the follows:

·      Posting of lewd or offensive pictures

·      Abusive context or dialogue

·      Any attempt to defraud another member

·      Violations of people’s rights irrespective of sexuality or gender.

·      Cat fishing or the use of fake profiles, spams or trolling.

·      Efforts to manipulate or entrap

·      A desire to exploit another person

·      Being inconsistent and not holding a genuine reasoning for singles dating

·      Promoting illegal activities

·      Recruitment to Adult industries.

·      Intimidation or any threatening behaviour, be it physical, verbal or through dialogue.

·      Using the site to procure marketing information.

·      Use of any member’s pictures or dialogue without their consent.

·      Attempt to upload malware or virus.

·      In any way mislead a member of this site.

·      Use of another member’s profile.

Adult Arrangements Disclaimers to these guidelines.

Although we vet initial profile pictures any information that is shared with another whilst using this site is not the responsibility of Adult Arrangements. Any member’s social interaction be it verbal or physical is at the sole discretion of the member themselves.

Please read our safety tips before proceeding to any meeting in person.

Adult Arrangements is not responsible for dialogue or images sent to you from another member. We do however take any lewd or intimidating conduct very seriously and will act in the strongest manner if one of our members engages in any such activity.  We have the right to share information with law enforcement if we are required by law. We have the right to access all account information. We have the right to suspend or terminate any account.


Adult Arrangements owns all intellectual property rights to this site. Its format and layout are copyright and cannot be reproduced. You may not replicate any elements of this site. We own all trademarks and names associated with Adult Arrangements

General Disclaimer

When Using Adult Arrangements, you acknowledge and agree that we hold no responsibility for the following.

·      Problems associated with the use of this website

·      Any interaction between yourself and another member

·      The conduct of any members of this site.

·      Any financial arrangement between any parties using this site.

·      Any Dissatisfaction you have with the site Adult Arrangements.

·      This website is intended to allow like-minded people to connect.

·      Any activity that results from this initial connection is strictly between the two consenting parties.

We will however do our utmost to act on any reports of misconduct or dissatisfaction that may arise.