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What I like being a Sugar Babe ?

April 1, 2019
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What I like about being a Sugar Babe !

Hi my names Jane, I was asked ‘What do I love about being a Sugar Babe?”

Well I like the fact that I am in complete control. I get to choose who I wish to date, how I wish to date and what allowance I want to help with my studies. I also get to choose a man or men I am attracted to and a person in a position to help me financially. Why work part-time as I once did behind a bar when I can earn much more money being on the other side of the bar having drinks served to me. Before becoming a Sugar Babe, I was struggling with bills and tuition fees, my life was all work and no play.

I’m taking law at Uni.Any free time I have is spent studying. Before sugar dating that free time was taken up working to cover my expenses. Having to work like this came to a head when I had exams due. I found it nearly impossible to both work and devote the time required to my revision.

Some might think its shallow to meet someone by being a sugar Babe. I disagree and think it’s the complete opposite. It’s actually a very evolved form of dating as it is one hundred percent honest and upfront. I have had relationships with people outside of sugar dating and found the complete opposite to be true where there is jealousy and people trying to emotionally manipulate you.

This way It’s just – well, fun and drama free.

The Sugar Daddies I have met have all been guys I would have dated if we hadn’t met through the site. There has always been a genuine attraction on both parts. Sugar dating has just enabled me to find the man I want more easily.

That doesn’t mean I am not my own person. Far from it by choosing to be a Sugar Babe, I am taking control myself. I choose who I want to be with. I choose what gift value I want for the date as well as what availability I have to offer according to my lifestyle at any given time. Should that lifestyle change I just adjust my profile and pick someone that’s in tune with that.   With this freedom, I now find that I have the benefit of much more time for my studies and life in general.

From having a Sugar Daddy, I no longer need to work part-time to fund my degree. I have none of the restraints or pressures associated with having a traditional boyfriend. When I am with my Sugar Daddy our time together becomes quality time.

Although it’s not personally what I feel comfortable doing, If I came across an unexpected financial situation, I am free to date as many Sugar Daddies as I choose. Its this complete freedom of choice I love It might not work for everyone. But it certainly works for me

It’s dating on my terms to fit in with my lifestyle and needs.