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What’s a Hot Date

What is a hot date?

Hot Dates

I came up with the idea for Hot Dates one beautiful day when I was out alone on my boat, and I thought how wonderful it would be to have some company to share the experience with.  You could decide to post a Hot Date for a multitude of reasons. Needing a plus one to a wedding. For a corporate dinner or function. Your friend has let you down and you have a spare ticket to the theatre that you do not want to waste. It could even be you are looking for some company for a few hours. The choice is yours.

The Hot Date function is only available to premium members and above. We designed it this way for your security as well as it being a way to ensure only serious sugar daters having access to this function. Therefore, anybody posting or replying to a Hot Date is a member of Adult Arrangements and as such you can view their profile as well as be assured that they have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions and are therefor accountable to them. As anyone posting a Hot Date is an approved member of Adult Arrangements it also means their authenticity can be verified.

It’s super easy to post and respond to a Hot Date.

To Post

Simply highlight post a Hot Date and fill in the required information.

Start with the day you wish the date to take place. That could be now or you can post the day of the date to be anytime in the future. By being able to post your date well in advance, it affords you time to find a guest before say an RSVP deadline. You could even use Hot Dates when travelling to arrange to meet a sugar daddy or babe pre your arrival. How about you find you have some spare time and feel like some company and being taken out to dinner one evening?

With Hot Dates Options abound.

Next fill in the location of the date. And then if applicable the payment arrangement for the date.  You Can choose to select that you wish to receive a payment. You are offering a payment or that no payment is sought and the date is non transactional.

Below the payment arrangement options you enter the duration of the date.

Your options are to indicate an hourly start and finish time. Or highlight one of the other options available. Such as a weekend, a few days or discus through messaging.

Your Hot Date ad will run for five days from the day you posted it.

The cost is $22 AUD. A one-time non-recurring payment. Once posted members can respond to your ad through our  messaging and pictures facility so there is no need to disclose any personnel contact information unless you so wish.

Please note that when using Adult Arrangements all picture sharing and messaging is strictly confidential between both yourself and the person you are in contact with. Adult Arrangements can in no way access any of this information.

Therefore, Adult Arrangements cannot filter any content between yourself and the person you are communicating with. As such Adult Arrangements cannot be held liable for content written or received. Adult Arrangements does not interpose or mediate between the person posting the Hot Date. Or to the person replying to a Hot Date.

If, however you deem a person using Hot Dates to be in breach of our terms and conditions.  Please contact us at [email protected]


At Adult Arrangements we take your safety seriously. Many of the functions on our platform are in place to aid you in the verification of other members and the information they present. As Hot Dates could be a somewhat fast track way of dating. We especially strongly advise that you are completely certain of a person’s identity before meeting anyone in person. Use our internal messaging function to request a picture of anyone you intend to meet. Have them strike a pose that you choose to verify the picture. You should also arrange a screen share to chat live and get to know all you can about anyone you are intending to meet for a date. Most importantly let others know what your movements are to be on the date.

Take time to read our Safety tips. It’s all in here. You will find really good advice that is fast and simple to implement.

Adult Arrangements is purely an introductory dating site for like-minded people to make initial contact with one another. Your security outside of the platform is your responsibility.  If you have any questions or would like further advice on a safety related matter, please contact [email protected]

All communication is treated as strictly confidential.