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Why Adult Arrangements is the Best Sugar Dating Website 2024

February 16, 2020
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There is a boatload of sugar dating sites out there across the internet. Some are great, some are not-so-great and some are downright terrible. 

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a current or aspiring sugar babe or sugar daddy, wondering what’s the best sugar dating website for you to try.

Luckily for you, Adult Arrangements is a new sugar dating website here to shake up the scene. Below, we’ll explain why (we think) we’re the best sugar dating website on the internet, hopefully giving you the confidence to get started on your journey.

1. It’s designed by sugar daters.

It may come as a surprise to you that the majority of sugar dating websites aren’t actually created or designed by people who have considerable amount of experience sugar dating.

Adult Arrangements is the only sugar dating site designed for sugar daters by sugar daters.

Because of that, we’ve been able to build a platform to answer all the glaring inadequacies of other sugar dating sites.

2. It’s giving sugar dating a good name.

It’s giving sugar dating a good name

Before Adult Arrangements was launched, sugar dating was in a deep state of denial – and was really going backwards.

The main websites out there are actually banning people for talking about money (when we all know that money is why a lot of people decide to become sugar babes in the first place). 

The sugar dating scene needed a huge reboot. So we set out to do just that.

We wanted to bring this great form of dating out from the shadows it currently skulks in with other platforms.

We’ll never penalise or ban you for talking about money, or making it clear to a prospective partner that you expect a particular type of allowance such as a Pay-Per-Meet (PPM) arrangement.

3. Your profile page can mention expectations upfront (including whether you want an allowance).

Unlike many other sugar dating websites, we encourage all our members to be completely upfront when setting up their profile.

You should include all the information about what you are looking for in a sugar dating relationship. Whether that’s money, career aspirations, some fun – or anything else.

You can even state your allowance expectation or your allowance proposal on your profile page.

There is no point hiding your true intentions from the world when getting into this sort of dating, and we’ll never punish you for being the most honest version of yourself.

4. You won’t get flooded with time wasters.

You won’t get flooded with time wasters

On other sugar dating platforms, there is so much lack of clarity and miscommunication – simply because the websites do not allow you to be completely upfront.

The result is you are flooded with people who have different intentions to you – who end up wasting hours and hours of your time.

Because Adult Arrangements allows you to be honest on your profile page, you’re more likely to match with someone who understands what you’re looking for.

This means you are much less likely to go on fruitless dates with time wasters, or – if you’re a sugar babe – go on a date with someone who has no interest in caring for you in the ways you want.

It also goes a huge way to preventing people from being exploited, as there is no wriggle room for the “salt daddies” and scammers that frequent the other sugar dating sites. 

5. You can customise the allowance you expect.

Your profile can specify if you wish to receive or are offering a weekly allowance, monthly allowance, or Pay-Per-Meet (PPM) Arrangement. 

This means a person looking for a monthly allowance, for example, will not be required to communicate with a person that requires a PPM arrangement.

6. You can state the times you are available to date.

You can state the times you are available to date

You profile also allows you to state the time you have available for dating. Each of you upfront know exactly when one another is available.

This prevents a situation where you engage in endless messaging and small talk, before eventually finding out you are both incompatible each other’s schedules.

This kind of frustration is very common on most sugar dating platforms.

7. You can share pictures with prospective partners for free.

Free picture sharing! This feature was mainly added for our members’ safety.

Our platform allows you to verify somebody’s identity. All you have to do is simply ask them to send you a picture in a pose you have requested, such as holding three fingers up.

And no – there’s no need to make a cringy video!

8. We will never monitor your private conversations on the platform.

Adult Arrangements, unlike the other sugar dating platforms, has no desire or facility to monitor your private conversations.

You can message other members, as well as share pictures, in complete confidence. 

When using other sugar dating sites (even when you do find a member that seems to tick the right boxes), you are forced to waste even more time seeing what common external app you both have so you can continue to move the relationship forward and not fear being banned.

By having to use additional apps on other sugar dating sites, it forces you to disclose your private contact details to a person who you barely know.

That simply doesn’t happen when using Adult Arrangements.

9. Your profile does all the talking.

Your profile does all the talking

At Adult Arrangements, all the hard work is done by your profile.

That means that, when you go on a date, you can relax, have fun and feel confident that you won’t be scammed by a time waster.

That’s how sugar dating should be 😊

10. We are completely free

Yes, that’s correct, Free. While we build our membership base Adult Arrangements is completely free to use. No credit cards required. No catches. So, enjoy. It’s on us. 

If you’re interested in learning more, read our guide to get started.

You can also get in touch with our resident sugar babe or sugar daddy if you have any questions.