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Why become a Sugar Babe?

April 1, 2022
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You may have stumbled across the world of sugar dating, and are scratching your head – puzzled – thinking why on earth would a person become a sugar babe. 

You’ve heard that some ladies get good money out of it, but is there more? 

The truth is that there so many different reasons why ladies decide to become sugar babes. And if somebody is looking financial and emotional freedom, without being tied to the burdens of a conventional relationship, then being a sugar babe might offer that solution.

Below, we’ll highlight some key reasons why a person may decide to become sugar babe. 

Earn an additional source of income

Sugar babes can make a lot of money. Sometimes even up to an extra $3,000 per week. A lot of them do this so they can afford to put themselves through university, or raise their kids.

Sugar babes on this income don’t need to take on low paid part time work stacking shelves at a supermarket. Simply spending a few hours with the right sugar daddy once a week will generally cover most people’s rent.

Gain emotional freedom

Sugar dating arrangements vary greatly. But the beauty of being a sugar babe is that one gets to choose how they want that arrangement to be.

A lot of conventional relationships involve constant texting, phone calls and always expecting you to be somewhere at a certain time. It can often be incredibly emotionally draining.

Sugar dating arrangements don’t have that, because a sugar babe can choose to live their own life when not with your sugar daddy.

Set tailored standards that work 

Most sugar dating relationships are known as N.S.A. (Non-Serious Arrangements). This means that, if a sugar babe agrees with their sugar daddy on a casual relationship, they are free to see other sugar people at any time of their choosing.

This means that a sugar babe can see as many sugar daddies as they want to cover whatever expenses you have. A sugar daddy should never be jealous, or controlling of who they see.

Use the experience to advance career goals

If a sugar babe is ambitious, they can choose to date sugar daddies who are in a certain profession.

For example, if a sugar babe wants to be a lawyer, they can choose to date a lawyer sugar daddy. If they want to get into business, they can date a successful entrepreneur (who just happens to be a sugar daddy).

We once met a sugar babe studying dentistry who managed to become the only person in her class to gain a work placement, despite not getting the top marks. Why? Because she specifically saught out a sugar daddy who was a dentist.

Travel the world

Sugar babes who want to see the world can do so, by finding the right sugar daddy. It is often the case that sugar daddies take their sugar babes to a range of beautiful places.

We know many sugar babes that connect with sugar daddies overseas, simply for the purpose of travelling and getting spoilt on their journey.

Learn new things 

Successful people like nothing more than to talk about themselves. If a young woman is looking to set up their own business or be in some way entrepreneurial, then having a sugar daddy at their fingertips is ideal.

What better than to be able to pick the brain of person that has already achieved some level of business success? In doing so, any aspiring businessperson can gain a huge advantage in avoiding expensive start up pitfalls.

Have a relationship that is drama-free

Sugar dating works very well because it’s a form of dating where two people get to enjoy all the good things about a relationship and not experience the dark side – like jealousy and emotional overstretch. 

The time together spent between a sugar babe and as sugar daddy is generally for a weekend at most. And after that time, both people get on with their lives during the week. No having to message reassurances twenty times day. Just spend quality time with one another.

Personal development

Sugar dating is a great way for a young person to gain self-confidence and develop themselves personally.

People that sugar date might not start off nervous. They’re lacking in confident and not very sure of themselves. But, overtime, and after learning to communicate their wants and needs, many sugar babies start to notice a change for the better in their character. 

Many become politely assertive and able to convey quickly and concisely what they want. They find that their character changes for the better after a while and they are able to convey what you want more or less immediately.

Gain self-confidence

Having the confidence to date in a way that is still unjustly regarded with some taboo – like sugar dating – is a huge step for a person to be in control of their life.

For many sugar babes, this form of dating has allowed them to be in control of their finances. No longer do they have somebody dictate to them when, and on what terms they wish to date a person. This can only develop an extremely strong sense of self confidence.

If you are thinking about becoming a sugar babe, then get in touch with our team at Adult Arrangements. We can help you learn more about the sugar dating experience, and what you can do to make sure you get off to the right start.