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Why Become a Sugar Daddy?

April 1, 2022
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If you’re reading this article, then you may be thinking of entering into the world of sugar dating – and becoming a sugar daddy.

Maybe you’ve heard about it from a friend or colleague. Maybe you read about it online or on the news. Maybe you even know a sugar daddy.

The point is – now you’re thinking it’s something you could possibly get into. 

Sugar dating is undoubtedly (yet, wrongly) a social stigma, but it offers a sense of emotional and financial freedom that many people don’t get to experience. 

So below, we’ll outline ten reasons why you should choose sugar dating as your next adventure.

1. Times have changed 

As you get a little older, who has the time or energy to go to bars or clubs and try to gain the attention of an attractive woman? 

Not many of us.

Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and everybody jumping online, has further emphasised that online dating is going to become ever more increasingly popular as a way of meeting someone romantically.

2. There’s no age stigma

Outside the sugar bowl You’ll probably feel a little weird asking somebody out 20 or 30 years younger than you – especially if you only just met.

In fact, you’ll probably never do it at all.

But through sugar dating – if you are the real deal – beautiful women of all ages will actively seek you out. The average age of a sugar babe is between 18-25, and they have little problem in initiating contact first. 

3. You don’t have to play the lottery.

When it comes to sugar dating, you can speed date your way to the right person or persons.

You don’t have to play the lottery.

In other words, you can jump right over time-wasters and girls that don’t match your style, right to the right girl that you’re looking for. 

You simply start by finding someone that you are attracted to, see if they are attracted to you – and there you go!

It only takes a matter of minutes from your desktop or phone.

4. You can be yourself.

The great thing about being a sugar daddy is you can just be yourself.

You can be yourself.

You begin by posting a picture and a little information about yourself. 

You don’t have to worry about having a cool dance move (like at a nightclub), and a great pick-up line or swiping left and right through thousands of people. 

Just register your profile on a platform like Adult Arrangements, be yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

5. You can date as many women as you like – at the same time.

It is very normal in sugar dating relationships for both yourself and the sugar babes to date other people at the same time.

The old saying typically applies: You never keep your eggs in one basket.

Both of you can mutually decide on how you are to date – and if that means dating other people at the same time, so be it. No judgment here!

6. Its uncomplicated

Sugar dating, is a hedonistic way to date.

Its beauty is that, when true to its concepts, there is no jealousy or the need to constantly message one another.

The simplicity of dating this way removes the drama that arises in relationships. 

It’s literally just an easy and fun way to date people.

7. Your finances are secure

If you date a person in the traditional manner, it does not take much for them to have claim to your hard-earned assets.

We hear stories all the time about men dating women, only for the woman to run away with half of their money, their house and everything else they own.

Luckily, dating a sugar babe is a safer way to date – and the risk of that sort of thing happening is zero.

You and your sugar babe can decide on any transaction between you in any way of you like. Whether it’s gifts, an allowance or Pay Per Meet arrangement.

Whatever the deal struck, it is way cheaper than potentially giving away half of your home and income!

8. Flexibility

Sugar dating is incredibly flexible – and you can date in a way that suits you.

It can be carried out in every possible way that dating affords.

if you are both in agreement, you can choose to see one another long term, casually, or simply for a one-off dinner date.

You can also change the frequency of your meets as life’s commitments alter.

It is totally normal for your level of time spent with one another to fluctuate, because of other things going on in your life – whether it is work or family demands.

9. It’s exciting! 

When you meet your sugar babe, it’s going to be exciting for both of you!

It’s like when you first discovered girls as a teenager. You can get butterflies! Remember that feeling?

The great thing about sugaring is you get all the good parts of being in a relationship and none of the negative attributes.

You enjoy each other’s company and then, for all intents and purposes, you are single again until you next meet.

10. It’s total freedom.

Sugar dating doesn’t come with a lock-in contract.

There is absolutely no pressure on you to do anything! You and your sugar baby are in control of how you want the relationship to run.

As two consenting adults you discuss and agree upon your level of financial commitment, intimacy, frequency of meets, Type of meets.

If you are to be monogamous or not. Everything is open to discussion and can be changed at anytime you both wish.

The only solid commitment is that you fulfill the obligations you agreed upon as a sugar daddy. This generally means your sugar babes allowance.

Then that’s it. 

Fun and freedom – that’s what it’s all about.

Where else but sugar dating can you have those to words together in a relationship?

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