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Why choose sugar Dating ?

August 11, 2019
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For me sugar dating offers me the freedom to date in an uncomplicated manner. I love being taken out to dinner and I enjoy the company of men, especially older guys. By dating a person as a sugar babe, I do not have any of the pressures that I have had when dating someone I met through normal dating channels. I get dressed, I go to dinner and I spend every other week end with the guy I currently met through sugar dating. I don’t call him my sugar daddy. He does call me babe, but not baby. We both find that a little creepy. While together if the weathers nice we go out on his boat or lounge around the pool. And after the weekend I go back home and get on with my own personnel life.

I’m a single mother, so during the week my attention is fully focused on my child and my work. But here’s the reason I love dating this way so much. As its sugar dating the person I am currently seeing does not bombard me with messages or expect a goodnight text every evening. My priority in life is my child and myself. Sugar dating allows me guilt free to act in this way. When I’m with my date I have all the fun of a relationship but without the draining need to reassure the person I am dating. No messages where have you been? No additional pressures. It really works for me. I love it.

Of course, there’s the main bonus from sugar dating, that as a single parent is fantastic. I’m not just having a mature relationship with a really hot guy. This guy to quote a cliché has his shit together and as well as buying me nice gifts he puts cash in my account every month. People can say and think what they want about this. Here is what dating in what people call a transactional manner means to sugar daters. By being transactional it doesn’t eliminate that we care for one another it just means that the sugar daddy does not have to be concerned about a woman claiming half his assets after a few months and all the associated pitfalls and dramas and a sugar babe does not have to endure the ownership and control that boyfriends seem to like to think is a natural part of being in a relationship.

The transaction, the money buys both of us our freedom basically. Without it I would still happily date the guy I am currently with but the dynamics would change so much I am not sure if we would both feel as we now do. I don’t want someone hassling me and asking where are you going and what are you doing. And my date wants to be left drama free to get on with running his business, pursuing his other interest without having to be fearful of losing half of his assets. Life runs at such a fast pace nowadays. I find sugar dating is the only way of dating that takes this into account. It’s the flexibility. If you both feel the same and you want to get more serious or even married, well you can. Likewise if you want no strings and see each other once a month you can also.

You both get to choose where you want to take any relationship, if anywhere at all. People have one-night stands what’s wrong in a sugar dating one night stand? Your time is precious and so is your emotional energy. I would rather date a person for a while before choosing on investing in either. Sugar dating is structured so it can be whatever you want. And that’s why I choose sugar Dating over any other way to have a relationship. It’s also why i choose Adult Arrangements as my sugar dating site of choice. As it is the only sugar dating platform that unjudgementally caters for, and allows me to date how i choose.