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Avoid Sugar Dating Scammers & Time Wasters

August 19, 2020
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Unfortunately, in today’s world, scammers and time wasters are constantly trawling the internet with the aim of exploiting well-intentioned people. In today’s environment, we generally have our guard up.

However, when we it comes to dating, and especially sugar dating, we tend to lower this guard. We try to portray the best image of ourselves that is often not a true image. We are eager to be what the other person wants rather that the what we are. We are more tolerant, more open, and this can lead us susceptible to exploitation.

If you’re a sugar dater, or looking to get into sugar dating, a bad experience with a sugar daddy scammer or time waster early on could put you off sugar dating completely. At the very least, it makes you cynical – and that can reflect that on your profile. 

The secret to avoiding time wasters and scammers is really a very simple one. It’s not about hiding from them. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. 

Who are the scammers in sugar dating?

Who are the scammers in sugar dating

The scammers are the people in sugar dating who are seeking to get something for nothing. This can apply to both male sugar daddies, and female sugar babes.

Men will present themselves as the perfect sugar daddy and set out to sleep with as many sugar babes as they can. These sugar daddies will often tout excessive allowances and then renege on arrangements. These are often known as “salt daddies”.

Women will present themselves slightly differently when scamming. They will portray themselves as easily sexually available.  They will dangle the promise of sex with that never eventuating.

Point of note: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Sugar Daddy scam examples 

Here are a few scams people experience when interacting with sugar daddies:

  1. Sugar daddies saying they will put funds into a sugar babe’s account, and then not doing so.
  1. Promising to purchase luxury items or pay tuition fees or rent, and then failing to do so.
  1. Picking up their sugar babe in a fancy car (that’s not actually his own).
  1. Pointing to their boat in a marina that isn’t actually theirs. 

Sugar Baby scam examples 

Sugar babies can also be the perpetrators of scams. Here are a few examples:

  1. Having a sugar daddy put funds into their account, and then not showing up for a date.
  1. Having a sugar daddy pay for interstate flights, with no intention of meeting him.
  1. Visiting the home of a sugar daddy with the intention of looking for a means of blackmailing them. 
  1. Asking a sugar babe to place funds in their bank account, or help with some financial emergency, before ever having met them in person. 

Who are the time wasters in sugar dating?

Time wasters are primarily sugar daddies, but there are sugar babes who waste time too.  

They will take up endless hours of your precious life, never getting to the point.

Their aim is to wear you down through dialogue until you make a mistake.

Sugar Daddy time wasting examples 

Sugar babies can also waste your time. Here are some examples how they do it.

  1. They leave a sugar daddy on the hook for weeks or months, with the promise of meeting up. They will only meet up with them if their current sugar daddy arrangement falls flat and, even if that happens, they’ll only meet up if they have no better offer.
  1. Messaging and then not replying. To a sugar babe, this might not seem much of a waste of a sugar daddy’s time. But many sugar babes are unaware that sugar daddies are often charged for any contact they make.
  1. A sugar babe arranging to meet, and not showing up.

How to avoid sugar dating scams and time wasters

You can greatly minimise having any negative experiences very simply. Here are a few steps on how to do it.

1. Exude confidence (like a gazelle)

Rather than hiding in the grass, the Thomson Gazelle’s defence against a predator is to bound high in the air when threatened, making itself conspicuous by its agility. This show of strength has any carnivore looking for an easier meal.

Similarly, in sugar dating, you should act like a Gazelle. Exude confidence – and know exactly what you want on your sugar dating profile. In doing so, you minimise your dealings with the two types of persons you wish to avoid at all costs when sugar dating (i.e. scammers and time wasters).

2. Be clear upfront with your expectations

On your profile, and when chatting with a potential sugar date, always make very clear what you want upfront.

Not being transparent with your expectations often manifests in confusion, disaster and disappointment.

If you want to be taken on a holiday, say that upfront. If you want sex, say that right at the beginning. If you want to be taken out for expensive meals, say that up front as well.

3. Figure out a financial arrangement at the beginning

You will need to figure out a financial arrangement up front. Don’t leave the discussion until later and don’t be embarrassed to talk money. Working out a deal upfront will avoid problems down the track. 

If you aren’t comfortable in discussing the financial reward or arrangement you would like, it opens the door wide open to exploitation (unintentionally or intentionally).

Many people think sugar babes are the sole victim, but sugar daddies are too. We know stories of sugar daddies who met sugar babes, went on dates, slept with them – all without discussing an allowance.

Sugar babes would then start messaging their sugar daddies the next day to say that their car had broken down or their rent was due, with an expectation of receiving their allowance.

Many sugar babes have been disappointed in using this naïve, and unnecessary approach.

If openly discussing the fundamentals of an arrangement with a person embarrass you, then sugar dating for you will be difficult.

4. Join a sugar dating platform that allows you to be upfront

There are very little sugar dating platforms on the market that actually embrace sugar dating for what it is.

Many will ban for you for mentioning money. Many will discourage you from floating the idea of a Pay Per Meet (PPM) arrangement. Many will force you to divulge personal information before you are ready. Adult Arrangements is different. This is a platform that allows you to specify an allowance expectation or proposal directly on your profile – so people know exactly what they are getting into up front.

5. Create the right profile on the sugar dating platform you choose

Finally, you’ll need to create the right profile that attracts the right people if you want to have a positive sugar dating experience.

Remember, you are seeking to attract quality over quantity. You want to kiss as few frogs as possible in your quest for your prince or princess.

Here are some tips on creating the right profile.

Choose the right profile name

You can’t really go too wrong with this. Don’t think about it too hard. You should just make it natural, make it classy, and make it you.

Don’t, however, make too slutty. Having a profile name like “sallyslut 3” or “imeasy 25” is a recipe for disaster, as are more likely to attract sugar daddies who want nothing but sex with no intention of paying you.

Choose the right tagline

Taglines are where we see many sugar daters getting it wrong. 

Your profile banner is a short sentence designed to grab attention. But you want the right attention if you are going to avoid the plentiful idiot pool.

All the undesirables you wish to avoid will only make contact with you based on what is readily and easily available for them to see.

Here are examples of a good profile tagline:

  • Questions: Most people itch to answer them. For example, “What do I love most about older men?”
  • Jokes: People want to know the punchline. For example, “Why did the sugar babe cross the road?”
  • Sexual (not slutty) innuendos: People becoming slightly aroused, and want to know more. For example, “It’s true what they say about red heads” or “Most popular girl at college for a reason”.
  • Assertive statements: They show that you can project confidence. For example, “Genuine, Serious Sugar Daddies only please”.

Here are examples of a bad profile tagline:

Bad taglines are those that look to invite trouble. 

These broadly include any banners that give the suggestion of naivety or that you do not understand how sugar dating works, or overly sexually suggestive banners.

These will attract a lot of the wrong attention. For example: 

  1. New to this
  2. Looking for someone to show me around.
  3. Show me how this works.
  4. New to town.
  5. I’m candy cum eat me. 

Choose the right profile picture

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. As with your tag line, your choice of a profile picture is extremely important.

A tacky picture will get you quantity over quality. You will undoubtedly still attract the quality with a tacky picture (as men are basically well basic). But you do not want the headache of filtering through all of your responses to find the small nugget of gold.

Use your womanly charms to every advantage. Just not in a degrading form.

What makes a good profile picture?

  1. One that encapsulates your personality. 
  1. A sexy, titillating picture. 
  1. A picture that is fun and vibrant.

The picture you choose need not show your face. It could be a picture of you take from behind or with a hat on.

However, when choosing a picture, take care that no personal information is included within the shot. This includes things like family photographs on your wall, your car number plate or any paperwork that could be enlarged and read.

Furthermore, do not include any distinguishing landmarks of the area where you work or reside. Learn more in our article on safety tips for sugar dating.

What makes a bad profile picture?

Sexy Caucasian mid-adult woman in underwear sitting on couch with legs apart making obscene gesture at viewer.

A bad profile picture is one that:

  1. Is tacky and/or slutty.
  1. Has no relevance to you, or insight about you.
  1. Does not portray how you actually look.
  1. Gives away personal information.

Be careful about who you share your hidden pictures to

Some sugar dating sites insist on you having hidden pictures. 

There is nothing wrong with having these pictures. Just be aware that they are often requested by people for no other reason than cheap titillation.

Only give permission to view these pictures to a person you have already engaged in dialogue with, and feel the connection is trustworthy and sincere. Ignore all other requests.

Write a captivating profile bio

Write a profile that is honest about yourself, what you are looking for and what you want out of a sugar dating experience.

Do not portraying any insecurity, naivety or weakness. For example, avoid statements such as:

New to this, anyone want to show me how it works.

  • New to town, anyone like to show me around.
  • Just curious.
  • Show me the money and I’ll show you the honey.

Instead, write statements to this effect:

  • Looking for sincere connections.
  • No time wasters please.
  • Experienced sugar babe. 
  • Looking for a generous sugar daddy to provide financial assistance as I complete my   studies.

6. Secure your allowance

Even if you complete the above, you can still be duped.

The important thing you’ll have to do is to secure your allowance.

This is why, at Adult Arrangements, we encourage Pay Per Meet (PPM) arrangements to start off with – i.e. arrangements where a sugar babe is paid per meeting.

This is because, once you have cleared funds in your possession, you cannot be deceived. If, after one date, you are not paid – then you can forget about that sugar daddy forever.

Once a trust has been built, then, if you choose, to you can discuss a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly allowance.

Looking for more tips on avoiding scammers and time wasters on your sugar dating experience?

By following any or all of these guidelines, you will be well on your way to avoiding scammers and time wasters, and enjoy your sugar dating all the more.

However, if you need any more tips, the team at Adult Arrangements are here to help. We’re a sugar dating platform built for sugar daters, by sugar daters. We’ve been on the sugar dating journey for years and are more than happy to share what we know.

Get in touch with our resident sugar daddy or sugar babe today, or shoot us a confidential message through this website.