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How to find a Sugar Babe

March 27, 2024
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Want to find a sugar babe to date?

It stands to reason that the best way to find a sugar babe is from a sugar dating web site.  But which site to choose? There are any number of platforms out there so let’s start with some advice on what’s on offer.

Sugar dating is still a vibrant and growing way to date unfortunately most of the platforms through PR concerns are in a backward spiral. The main sugar dating platform, Seeking formerly known as seeking arrangements claims not to be a sugar dating platform anymore although that’s exactly what it appears to be. Other sugar dating platforms such as Secret Benefits have multiple other sites that ultimately channel you to the same platform.

So, it pays to be a little cautious when signing up to a site.

Your Profile

Once you have chosen a web site you need to set up a profile. Sugar babes outnumber sugar daddies by at least eight to one so you need to construct a profile that is going to have you stand out from the crowd.
A good picture is a must, remembering what you aim to portray when selecting your picture. That of an affluent, independent and self-assured man.

Your profile should also reflect these attributes.

Connecting with sugar babes.

Important point

First and foremost, there are an increasingly large number of younger ladies joining dating platforms. To join all anyone has to do is agree to the terms that they are over 18. If you are in any doubt as to the age of a sugar babe you should ask for proof of age. Personally I would not want to interact with anyone that appeared under age to begin with.

Avoiding Scammers

Unfortunately, sugar platforms like all dating sites attract bottom feeders and scammers. However, there is a way to easily avoid these people and that is to be concise with your profile and your interactions on what you are looking for. If you choose to use a platform such as seeking this is particularly hard as they will ban you from their site if you use any of the common sugar dating terminology when messaging. Any mention of money or PPM  (pay per meet) and you get shut down as they seem to monitor messages between members with algorithms.

Your Goal

The aim is to match with your ideal sugar dating partner as quickly as possible. It might boost your ego talking to endless members but that’s not what you are sugar dating for.

If you’re a genuine sugar daddy you don’t have the time for endless small talk.

To fast track your search to the sugar babe of your dreams you must avoid the time wasters.

Your kryptonite for this is the clarity of your profile and your interactions. If the platform you are using does not allow you to stipulate the allowance you wish to offer or how you wish to date then you must make this clear at the very beginning of any connection. Wriggle room is where the time wasters thrive.

Sugar dating language

There are various ways that people like to sugar date. Some prefer a traditional arrangement whereby a monthly allowance is agreed upon where as others prefer the flexibility of a more casual PPM or pay per meet arrangement.

It is important to make clear which of these you are looking for and which type of arrangement a sugar babe is looking for.

The elephant in the room

Getting around to the arrangement you both want and how much that will be has always been a stumbling block for sugar daters, as its understandably a subject that can be a little awkward to broach. But remember this is sugar dating and everyone is an adult and understands the principles of dating this way, that’s why they are on a sugar dating site to begin with.

 It’s vitally important to get to discussing the arrangement and agree upon it as soon as possible otherwise you could find yourself wasting large amounts of time trying to connect with a person that is on a different page to you. Adult Arrangements is a new start up to the sugar dating world that allows you to list your allowance expectations on your profile page in doing so there is no need for any awkward conversations as it’s all there in plain view.

What arrangement should I choose?

Personally, as a sugar dater of some eight years I would recommend for both sugar babes and sugar daddies to begin with a PPM “Pay per Meet” arrangement.


Well for sugar babes you have your gift or money straight away. For both sugar daddies and sugar babes it means your obligations are completed on the day of your date leaving you obligation free. A monthly arrangement for many implies a sense of rigidity and commitment.  There are many circumstances where a PPM works best. For instance, if you have a long-distance relationship, out of state and the frequency of your meeting each other is maybe monthly or more. A sugar daddy that engages in a monthly arrangement is going to want to see you at the very least once a week. It is also quite sensible to want to have a few dates before committing larger sums to a monthly allowance. Date casually PPM first and then if the connection feels strong for both of you then you can discus if you would like the security of a monthly allowance. 

Sugar Dating Arrangements: what are they and How do they Work ?

Don’t pull all your eggs in one basket

When sugar dating it is prudent to be in contact with more than one sugar babe at a time unless you are in a very stable long-term arrangement.

Most sugar dating arrangements tend to be more transient as its this non-committal aspect that appeals to most. Sugar dating’s appeal to many is in the refreshing way you can have relationships devoid of the traditional restraints that more traditional dating can impose. As such people that sugar date are more a free agent. They can end a relationship and begin another at their choosing without unwarranted residual guilt. This being the case it pays to have multiple connections with sugar babes.

Ok you nearly ready to go

A final point. Sugar dating works on mutual trust and respect. By giving a sugar babe an allowance in no way entitles a sugar daddy to any influence or control. As a sugar daddy as in life in general you should always act with the utmost respect when dating anyone.

Now go and have some fun

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