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20 do’s and don’ts to Sugar Dating

August 19, 2020
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  1. Do ask yourself why you want to become a Sugar Babe? What am I aiming to get from this experience? A financial reward, If so how much ? What time are you willing to set aside and what type of person you would like to meet?
  2. Don’t sell yourself cheap, cheap attracts bargain hunters. A true sugar daddy should not be looking in the Dollar shop.
  3. Do take time to put your profile together, there is a lot of competition for the best Sugar Daddies.
  4. Don’t let yourself get played. Be aware of players and scammers or the all too common Salt Daddies. You need to be fully aware of these people and use your intellect in how to identify them.
  5. Do choose a sugar daddy you are genuinely attracted to. If you cannot develop a connection do not proceed with the arrangement. You can only fake something for so long. Ethically and in all ways, it will feel wrong. 
  6. Don’t move the goal post once an arrangement is in place. Sugar dating is fickle. Everybody understands that a reward for your time is the premise of this form of dating. But Sugar Daddies like to think you would date them aside from the financial gain. Let this harmless egotistical illusion stay in place. Ask for what you want, and then never go back to it.
  7. Do feel free to fully express yourself? A good Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby relationship should be a reflection of traditional dating. Just without the dramas and committal. Its boyfriend, girlfriend but without the associated drama such as jealousy.
  8. Don’t be afraid to end an arrangement if you start to feel in any way uncomfortable. The motto of these sites is mutually beneficial, that includes emotionally. You must both enjoy each other’s company equally.
  9.  Do pick a person that fits within your own personnel moral compass, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Are you married? Do you have Children? Are you looking to be monogamous in this relationship? All have profound consequences on the type and quality of the relationship you choose.
  10. Don’t fall in Love! remember, this is Sugar Dating if you do develop strong feelings, express them only if you feel your feelings will be reciprocated. You will easily be able to tell if it is mutual. It’s natural to develop emotional connections, it would be wrong not to, but don’t let those emotions lead to jealousy and demands. It is actually far more likely your Sugar Daddy will be the one who gets lost in his emotions. Most Sugar Babes are the ones who make clear the parameters by stating NSA on their profile (None Serious Arrangement).
  11. Do ask yourself, what are my Boundaries? Sexually, what am I comfortable doing and not doing? ethically, am I ok with dating a married man? emotionally, am I prepared ?
  12. Don’t ever go beyond your personal boundaries. You must be completely comfortable with the person you enter into an arrangement with. A Sugar Daddy might give you a financial reward but that should never be a premise for manipulation. Always remember, that an allowance is not a license to exploit in any way. Any person that does this, should, not be in the Sugar Dating community.
  13. Do ask questions at your initial meeting. A lot of question’s most Sugar Babes think that, they must placate to what their Sugar Daddy wants. I go back to the concept, a mutually beneficial relationship.
  14. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. One of the reasons most people Sugar Date for is the non-committal basis of it. Keep in touch with other Sugar daddies, you can guarantee your Sugar Daddy is doing likewise in keeping contact with other sugar babes. In this way, if a relationship should end you will not have serious financial repercussions. 
  15. Do plan financially. You can very easily become dependent on the financial assistance a Sugar Daddy provides. Make sure you save and invest. Sure, enjoy at the start the retail freedom afforded, but then make sure you set aside a safety net. Any dating can be fickle, Sugar Dating all the more so.
  16. Do be specific at the very beginning of what you want. If you enter into an agreement that was below your expectations it will lead to resentment and a souring of the connection. Decide carefully before you even respond to anyone.
  17. Don’t look at yourself as a non-equal, your sugar daddy might have financial security, but he has looked for you for a reason. A part of his life’s jigsaw is missing and he wants you to fill that gap. That is the beauty of sugar dating. You both can supply the missing pieces to each others life’s.
  18. Do hold your head High. Never, let anybody try to tell you what you are doing is immoral. You as a woman are taking control of your life. You dictate whom you see when you see them and what you expect from them in return. The only difference in sugar dating to traditional dating is that you have already bypassed the losers.
  19. Don’t let financial reward cloud your judgment. Sugar dating should never be a necessity. If it ever becomes that then you open yourself to exploitation. And you will then make decisions based on those necessities rather than on your judgment and morality. You could also put yourself at risk if driven by urgency of not fully checking out person.
  20. Do enjoy. Sugar dating is fun, liberated, sexy and fits perfectly with our busy lifestyles. Just use common sense, maintain your respect in your judgments and you will never regret a moment. Just remember the code at all times, dating on your terms, not someone else’s, your terms.