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Why Steve Sugar Date’s

March 1, 2019
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Why I choose sugar dating

Time to me is a very precious commodity. My business requires a lot of attention and the hours can be very random. Through Being a Sugar Daddy I get to meet beautiful women without having to waste hours flicking through apps or hanging around in bars and clubs.

In all honesty, I would be to intimidate in a bar or a club to even go up to the beautiful women, I have been lucky enough to date thorough being a sugar daddy.

By becoming a Sugar Daddy, I was able to quickly meet lots of attractive, intelligent women. I liked the way Sugar dating is completely upfront Once you both agree on the parameters of your relationship it becomes drama free. No requirement to call all the time, no jealousy it’s just a fun way to date.

I particularly liked the flexibility with sugar dating – you can have as much or as little company as you choose. As well as picking times for meeting that best suited my business and travel.

I found the dating to be energetic, sort of like when you just first start a new relationship. All the excitement and energy that generally gets lost in standard dating continues when I date this way. As the meets are not on a daily basis you look forward to your encounter and both people make an effort.

When the date is over and you have both had a great time you then get on with your week and your work without the neediness of having to give daily reassurance as would with a full-time partner. You just get to experience all that is good in being with somebody and eliminate all the drama.

Here’s where sugar dating works for me. My time spent with my date has all the feeling of being with someone special. With everyone I have met I have had a genuine connection.

But at this stage of my life, I am not in a position to have a fully committed relationship.  Plus, in today’s climate If I were seeing somebody outside of Sugar dating, I would be worried of them claiming common-law wife. Might sound silly but I have friends that have been ruined this way. For now, both I and the Sugar babe I am seeing just enjoy all that a mutually beneficial relationship has to offer.

It’s successful as there are no pretences.

We both know how this works and this understanding leaves me free to coventrate on my business and other leisure activities when I am not dating.