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Why Steve loves being a Sugar Daddy

March 1, 2019
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We have all heard of the term “Sugar Daddy”

But people’s perspective on what a sugar daddy is varies greatly.

More often viewed negatively as being exploitive of young women.

So, we set out to get a clearer image straight from the source by interviewing Steve, a sugar daddy of six years, on why he chooses dating this way and his honest take on sugaring.

Why did you become a sugar daddy?

Dating this way just suits me. Time to me is a very precious commodity. In sugaring you cut out all the fluff. No having to hang around in bars or spend hours swiping through apps on my phone. It’s a mature direct form of dating. You see someone you are attracted to and if they like you also you come to an arrangement and start dating. Where else can a man of my age feel completely comfortable chatting to beautiful young women?

What do you like about being a sugar daddy that you couldn’t find dating in other ways?

“I like the way sugar dating is completely upfront,” Steve said.

“Once you both agree on the parameters of your relationship, it becomes drama free”.

Indeed, there is no requirement to call each other all the time – and there is no jealousy involved. It’s just a fun way to date.

“I particularly liked the flexibility with sugar dating – you can have as much or as little company as you choose”.

“I also like the ability to pick times for meeting up, as I can adjust a time best suited around my business and travel.”

What is a sugar date actually like?

“I found the dating to be energetic, sort of like when you just first start a new relationship,” Steve said.

“All the excitement and energy that generally gets lost in standard dating continues when I date this way”.

Steve doesn’t meet his sugar babes on a daily basis. They agree to meet at times that suit them both. 

“It’s a respectful way of dating where we consider each other’s life’s and commitments and plan our dates from there”

As a result, “Its quality time dating where the energy stays vibrant and exciting.”

Why don’t just get a ‘real’ girlfriend?

“At this stage of my life,” Steve confesses, “I am not in a position to have a fully committed relationship.” I’m still mostly focused on building my brand.

When having a relationship with a sugar babe.

“My time spent with my date has all the feeling of being with someone special. It’s the same to me as having a girlfriend. Everyone I have met while sugar dating, I have always had a genuine and dare I say loving connection”.

Another huge motivator for a guy in my position is “That in today’s climate, if I were seeing somebody outside of sugar dating, I would be open of them claiming that they were my de facto partner. That might sound silly, but I have friends that have been ruined this way”.

“For now, both myself and the sugar babe I’m seeing just enjoy all that a mutually beneficial relationship has to offer. It’s successful as there are no pretenses”.  “We both know how this works; we are both consenting adults and this understanding leaves me free to concentrate on my business and other leisure activities when I am not dating”. Likewise, a sugar babe is free to focus on her life.

It’s all just very mature.

What do you do when the date is over?

“When the date is over, I just get on with my life without the pressure of having to give reassurances to the other person as to what I am up to”.

“In my experience, that’s what you get when you have a full-time partner”.

For Steve, sugar dating offers an experience that eliminates the negative dramas he often experienced in a normal relationship. 

What do you say to people that say you are exploiting young women?

Ill first answer your question with a question, how?

There’s no pretence or hidden agendas. My profile states exactly what I am and what I am looking for. I am not grooming anybody with false promises. I actually never approach a sugar babe first I let them approach me. 

In my case how can it be considered that I am exploiting a person that is initiating the relationship?

Let me ask you, if a consenting adult woman approaches me stating she wishes to date me and she would like me to help her financially to achieve her goals in life. Could it be suggested that I am being exploited also?

That is what makes sugar dating work so well. It is about two people willingly filling in the missing pieces in each other’s life’s. 

What advice would you give to people thinking about becoming sugar daddies?

Firstly, be honest as it reflects on others

Are you really a Sugar Daddy ?

In that I mean do you have the lifestyle that enables you to help another person up the ladder of success. This is not purely a financial requirement. Can you offer entrepreneurial mentorship advice.

If you consider you can genuinely influence a sugar babes life in purely a positive manner then I would not hesitate in saying “Go for it” 

You will find it the most exciting and liberating dating of your life.

“Always be honest and upfront with yourself and your sugar babe.

“The sugar daddies who do that,” he says, “give this form of dating a bad name”.

“Tell your sugar baby what you’re looking for and what your expectations are. Don’t be closed off and never try and misrepresent your true intentions”.

In doing this everyone is happy.

“That is the best way to develop a genuine connection with your sugar babe, and have fun every step of the way”.

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