The 12 best tips for becoming a Sugar Babe

1. Evaluate your reasons

Be clear on why you want to be a sugar babe and what you hope to achieve from it. Is it to help with tuition fees. Designer gifts. Extra cash or just to have fun dating this way?. It really doesn’t matter why you choose to become a sugar babe, but by having a clear understanding at the beginning of your reasons it will help you find the correct Sugar daddy. Clear reasoning for why you want to become a sugar babe also stops you having any conflict with in yourself, or self-doubt. Having this clarity on the direction you wish to proceed will then portray as strength to the people you start to communicate with. And help avoid time wasters.

2. Don’t overthink becoming a Sugar Dater

You can look up blogs or YouTube.  But, remember most people generally post blogs when they have had a bad experience, not a good one. I have a lot of experience Sugar Dating and nearly every blog I have read or YouTube Vlog I’ve watched has completely misrepresented what being a Sugar Babe or a Sugar Daddy is. all about. The advice I have seen squirms away from money and all the big important questions. So sure, read what people have to say. But take it all in with a pinch of salt. By following a few simple rules, it will be very difficult not to have the type of happy positive experience you are looking for.

 3. Create the correct Profile

Your profile is your only connection to the person you are trying to meet. You need to put forward the best impression you can straight away. Your profile should attract attention, but the right attention. There is a line between sensual, sexually attractive and cheap. Try not to cross this line.

4. Be direct

It is of paramount importance that you state what you want clearly at the very beginning. Leave no room for misinterpretation. If its financial assistance. Money. Then don’t be embarrassed to say so. Everyone who joins a sugar-dating site understands the setup. Yet somehow everyone finds it difficult to broach this subject and it leads to disappointment. 

5. Ask questions

I read so many blogs where they say don’t ask your sugar daddy questions about his personnel life. Why? We all have our own moral compass and code we live by. Sugar Dating is not a one-way street for the Sugar Daddies. As an adult site if two people are in sync on what they want then it is for them to decide on that based on their own personnel ethics. If a Sugar daddy is married with a family, then you might not be comfortable with seeing somebody in that situation. The Golden rule for me with Sugar dating is never, ever do anything that you are not comfortable with. It is a platform for everyone to be able to fill the gaps in their life, be that company or financial support. But also to have fun and enjoyment as they do.

6.  Your arrangement

Once you connect with a person very quickly discuss the logistical side of the relationship. Make sure you are both on the same page. You might be thinking of staying for a few hours or an evening.
Your Sugar daddy might have presumed you were staying the weekend. Other questions are where are you staying?. If you choose to date a married man you might find it very uncomfortable and hard to relax if you are to stay at his place of residence. 

7. Payment

This is predominantly what you are here for. This is also the point at which if it’s going to go wrong it will. People understandably find this part very uncomfortable. The silly thing is it’s like paying to go to the swimming baths but being shy about wearing a swimsuit. Everyone on the site knows what the sites are, They are for mutually beneficial relationships. If it’s monetary then fine. Most agreements are based on a financial commitment from the Sugar Daddy. That is after all the very definition of sugar daddy. I cannot stress enough how important this part is to you. You need to state exactly what your requirements are. Once an arrangement is agreed upon a stick to it. Do not try to renegotiate. All the semantics need to be addressed. And once agreed not talked about. In this way, the arrangement is free to be enjoyed. Talk of finances ruins the mystique of being a sugar babe or a sugar daddy and so for that reason, It’s an area that once agreed upon requires forgetting about. 

8. How you are paid.

Very important again. I will start with a statistic. There are millions of sharks in the worlds Ocean. On average there are only 6 fatalities a year resulting from shark attacks. How is this relevant? Unfortunately, some men will try to get something for nothing. Like the shark statistic above they are not the norm, but these scammers are there. And they will try to exploit you given the chance. Your payment should always be in advance and cleared funds. I have heard of payments going into accounts without the funds to support. Guys saying their card has reached its daily limit. And various other ways of duping you. Any excuse in regards to your allowance should be a red flag. The only commitment of a sugar daddy is your allowance. If he can’t get that right then move on. A point of note. Do not worry about payments to your bank account incurring tax. Any gift even money does not come under taxable income on your behalf. So is tax-exempt.

 9.Loosing yourself.

This can be a tricky one. I know as it’s happened to me. Before you embark on sugar dating understand it is different from traditional dating. The word NSA is often used on profiles (non-serious arrangement) This is not to say some people are not open to letting a relationship develop into something more serious. But we are addressing the fundamentals of sugar dating here. Which is that sugar dating succeeds in that it does not carry the commitment that eventually takes the fun out of traditional dating. Be aware of your feelings and emotions. We are only human and a bond is bound to happen during the course of a long-term arrangement. Just be sure you are both on the same level when it comes to your feelings. Jealousy can arise, feelings of betrayal and all the other deadly sins that are associated with standard relationships. Also, be aware of letting your feelings trick you into a fantasy that might not be real. It can become painful and ruin or end the relationship. 

10. Keeping your options open

You can easily start to get dependent on the money you receive from sugar dating. For this reason, you should keep your options open.
Even if both yourself and your sugar daddy have agreed to be monogamist, it does no harm to keep a few irons in the fire so to speak. You do not have to be unethical but just engaging in communication with other sugar daddies is a harmless pursuit. Should the sugar daddy you are with for whatever reason have to finish your relationship it means you will not go into a state of financial difficulty.

11.  Opportunity

A genuine sugar daddy should in all respect be a person that has the intellect and contacts that might be of use to your career path.
Most people that have become high achievers relish any opportunity to divulge their wisdom. There could even be career opportunity’s through either your sugar daddy or his associates. People tend to mix with like-minded people. If you are entrepreneurial this could be of great benefit to you and enable you to leap frog the mistakes that can be made when first starting out on your entrepreneurial path.

12. Fun

Finally, Just relax and have fun. Get all of the above out of the way at the very beginning and then just bloody enjoy yourself. Revel in the excitement Enjoys being treated to the finer things that life can offer. And do so with your head held high. You should be proud that you dare to go for what you want in life. So many sugar babes harbour some embarrassment. Don’t! You are sought after, desired and highly valued and are part of the very cream of dating society. You have taken steps to live life on your terms. Not your sugar daddies Not anyone else’s. Your terms. Make that clear and the world is at your feet. You will be amazed at what you attract once you start to believe in yourself and what you deserve.