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Why Choose Adult Arrangements ?

February 16, 2020
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  • Adult Arrangements is the only sugar dating site designed for sugar daters by sugar daters. As such We built a platform that answers all of the glaring inadequacies of other Sugar dating sites.
  • Sugar dating needed a huge reboot and we set out to do just that. Before Adult Arrangements was launched sugar dating was in a deep state of denial and going backwards. We wanted to bring this great way of dating out from the shadows it currently skulks in with other platforms.
  • At Adult Arrangements Your profile page is designed for functionality and clarity as a Sugar Dater.
  • The uniqueness of our applications takes away any misconceptions and awkwardness and allows sugar daters to match with people that are already aware of how they would like to proceed in a relationship. You can state your allowance expectation or your allowance proposal on your profile page.
  • By being able to post what amount of financial assistance you are looking for or offering straight away removes the allowance elephant in the room. it cancels out one of the major complaints of sugar daters where people felt they were having their time wasted due to a lack of a mutual understanding and agreement with other members. No more fruitless dates.
  • Complete transparency at the beginning leads to successful relationships and Successful Sugar dating. It also goes a huge way to preventing people from being exploited, as there is no wriggle room for the salt daddies and scammers that frequent the other sugar dating sites. What you want is already on the table. It’s all out in the open before you even decide to meet anyone.
  • We are the only sugar dating platform where you can clearly state your allowance expectations as well as see what other members are looking for. You can see my allowance expectations as a sugar babe and I can see your allowance proposal as a sugar daddy. You can easily alter any of this information as your time and requirements alter.
  • We wanted to cover the need to express the diversity in sugar dating, currently unrecognised or treated as taboo on other platforms. Your profile can show if you wish to receive or you are offering an allowance monthly, weekly or per meet. This means a person looking for a monthly allowance will not be required to communicate with a person that requires a PPM arrangement.
  • You profile also allows you to state the time you have available for dating. All of these features that are unique to Adult Arrangements prevent the endless messaging and small talk required on other platforms where at the end of weeks of messaging you often find you are both incompatible each others time or finances .
  • Adult Arrangements unlike the other sugar dating platforms has no desire or facility to monitor your private conversations. You can message other members as well as share pictures in complete confidentially with in the safety of the site itself. When using other Sugar Dating sites even when you do find a member that seems to tick the right boxes you are forced to waste even more time seeing what common external app you both have so you can continue to move the relationship forward and not fear being banned if you mention PPM. By having to use additional apps on other sugar dating sites it forces you to disclose your private contact details to a person that you have only begun to get to know.
  • Free picture sharing. This feature was mainly added for our members safety. No need to make a cringy video. If you want to verify anyone simply ask them to send you a picture in a pose you have requested such as holding three fingers up.

Basically all the work is done by your profile. That means when you go on a date you can relax and just have fun. That’s how sugar dating should be  : )