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How to Earn $3,000 a Week Cash! as a Sugar Babe

September 15, 2022
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Hi I’m Roxy.

Hi I’m Roxy. And I make $3,000 a week as a proud sugar baby.

(Roxy isn’t my real name, by the way. Anonymity, you know?

I wanted to write this article to help other sugar babes “find the sugar” – as I have.

I know from when I first started out as a sugar babe that I was, well, clueless.

I got a lot of a free dinners and drinks on dates, but not many Benjamin’s in my purse, if you know what I mean.

But after a lot of trial of error, I found out exactly what I needed to do in order transform those dates into a solid revenue stream.

In other words – I went from earning pretty much nothing, to a consistent stream of $3,000 a week – in tax-free cash.

Let me give you some tips on how to do it.

Get straight to the point.

When first making a connection with a sugar daddy, cut the small talk. 

After limited pleasantries, your first question should be:

What are you looking for?

This simple question will eliminate 99 percent of the time wasters.

And there are plenty of those on sugar dating platforms.

Quickly establish what you both want from an arrangement.

People new to sugar dating often fail to recognise that there are many different ways that you can choose and it’s important that you are both on the same page.

Use a platform that allows you to speak freely.

It can be difficult spelling out what you want from a sugar daddy – as most online platforms are in denial about what sugar babes are here for.

Which, frankly, is: money.

“Cash”, “financial assistance”, whatever you want to call it. It’s all under the same banner.

But on most sugar dating platforms, mentioning “money” can get you banned.

That really annoys me.

Most dating platforms won’t let you decide on a financial arrangement that works for you. Whether that’s a monthly allowance, or a “pay per meet” (PPM) arrangement.

The problem is most of the sugar dating platforms monitor your messaging. They look at “PPM” and it is immediately flagged, because they consider it “escorting” – which is totally ridiculous. 

Find a platform that doesn’t perceive sugar dating as a stigma.

Use multiple platforms.

I personally use the major platforms such as Seeking, simply due to the sheer volume of members that they have.

But I also use a new platform called Adult Arrangements.

It is the only sugar dating platform where you can actually put your allowance requirement on your profile, along with how you would like to receive it. Weekly, monthly or per meet.

This cuts a lot of the crap out. Endless awkward messages trying to find out what (if anything) is on offer is simply not a thing on Adult Arrangements.

The only downside is that Adult Arrangements is relatively new – so its member base is still quite low.

But, for functionality as a sugar dating platform, I’ve seen nothing better.

Have multiple sugar daddies.

As the saying goes:

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

It makes total sense in the world of sugar dating, to be in contact with as many sugar daddies as possible. , should your arrangement suddenly end, it can leave you with a financial vacuum.  

If you become too reliant on arrangement payments from the same small number of sugar daddies (or one sugar daddy), you are open to hurting yourself financially if they come to an end.

So having multiple options is a must.

You can easily have four quick PPMs a week at $500 each and that’s $2,000 right there.

Start with PPM and see where it goes.

PPM stands for ‘Pay Per Meet’. It simply describes an arrangement where you are paid a certain amount of money per meeting.

PPMs are a great way to get newly acquainted. They are more pressure pressure-free, and you often more easily develop a more special relationship with your sugar daddy.

This will then lead you to seeing each other more often – and even agreeing upon an allowance once you can see the connection is solid.

I personally prefer to stick to the PPM (even in long term arrangements) as I feel less beholding with my time. My average PPM is $500 (I have two PPMs most week), although I have earnt much more money on many occasions.

As well as this, by receiving your money each time you meet, you do not have to wait until the end of the month to receive your allowance. (Although, I do have one steady sugar daddy where we agreed a monthly allowance of $2000).

I find the PPMs exciting. I only agree to see guys I am attracted to and -iIt’s like meeting a new boyfriend on a first date. And first dates generally involve a dinner at a great restaurant.

Guys go all out to impress at the start.

Some final words

I find Sugar dating to be a fantastic experience. It is the perfect secondary revenue stream (yes, I also have my own career where I receive a salary as well 😊: )

Multiple dating can be a lot of effort, but do the maths on the above.

Its $208,000 a year. 

And you can get to this level of income quite quickly if you’re a little savvy.

Unpaid Bills

What’s also worth knowing is that what you receive as a sugar babe is a gift. Which means?

It’s non-taxable income.  😉 (Although, full disclaimer – check that with accountant first!)Hopefully my tips above give you some food for thought. You should also check out this article on questions to ask before sugar dating.

I found that answers to these questions put my mind at ease before I decided upon becoming a sugar babe.

I wish you every luck in your sugar dating journey 

Bonne Chance

Roxy x